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No, it'd be a good. They do play hard. I mean, I didn't expect them to blow out LA the clippers like they did last night. But we've seen them play really really wealth given without Kawhi Lakers out. Dr why? The Lakers is one thing that team in the bay. My turn. So I know that guy up in Toronto who used to play in San Antonio. Number two to me. To me only number two you ought to be. I'm not a shame because he should be ashamed out again with some contusion bruise. He said I'll ask the Bruce. I'm never heard of that before the big pitches big he played nine games last year, totaling nine games and the rest he missed because. Doc. And I'm never going to forgive him. I just can't I'm sorry. You got rolling Jaka Pertile. Yeah. That is mom's he beats the Lakers. The other definitely child say his name say his name to say his name ever again. I will never say it people chin. The plays every other night. You're disqualified out. So he get the ball like this. He he's got a ball. Special car watching. And yet, isn't it something that when he doesn't play they're six and one and they're winning those six games by an average of fourteen points a game, and they blew the Lakers off the Staples floor with with no number two. Right. You believe in that? And then the clippers have been rolling man, and they go in there last night same building. No number two, and they blow them out because Serge Ibaka turned into Kevin Durant without him. I don't know what's happening eased flashes of this Oklahoma City, especially against the Spurs. Walking y'all do that. You had you had a Arthur Danny green? Quickly. We forget, Dan. Knew knew what happened. Why you couldn't wear what out Nico? Why? He was used to be our stars. Built the whole thing around. Okay. What was good for surgery Bach is now he's not a four, man. He's he's basically faster than innocent of hill. Face every night. So he's able to put the ball down. Sometimes go around and the shots that he's getting threes came close out to he's going to open wasn't getting. I think Toronto is making a statement without number two. They're saying, hey, pretty good without okay. Keep talking I know the shot tonight last time talking about defending Tonio the need it. Hey, what it call them beg knocking on his begging him to come home with Rondo Toronto and thinking about Golden State. They thinking about that other animal in Boston. They thinking about we got to keep corral kicked out is going to be a different team in seven game series. See why can lockdown everybody everybody at one time. But don't worry about it. We got we got a new baby down complain good. A we on Toronto..

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