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When are you going to make an Instagram account for the kids why actually somebody made an Instagram account for billion is dodgy see that for Georgia United States? I remember Georgia. Nice dot and I had to shut that shit down. What are we? I'm not gonna make Georgian. I know at least now it's ours. Although I already lost the password, but he's nobody try to hack you by saying the password. I'm pretty sure it's locked, no. We don't we try like even with Franny. I don't don't put her on social media anymore. I don't see any. I don't see much good. That can come from it. I mean, it's lovely to see pictures of beautiful kids, especially ones that you know, even even remotely. But I think that the the the risks far outweigh the benefits. Right. Look, let your kid up a normal life. It must be difficult. Own was always old enough to sort of say, yes, or no when he was little little little he liked to make movies with daddy. Then he was older. He was always like not want to her yell. It's do it. And then since he kind of went to college, it just feel like my relationship with him his changed so much just we just don't really do it anymore. But with France the problem with Franny that I'm nervous about is. She already makes videos by herself. Of the end of every ipad video. Forget to comment below and don't forget to ascribe smash that grads scribe button. And it's like whole my God. But I'm scared that she's gonna come to us as soon as she realizes that like she could post those things are going to be good. And we're going to have to say now, for instance, one of those kids who's in perpetual state of performing God to the point where no joke like we're nervous about it. We're gonna we're gonna be driving her to dance recitals beauty pageants for like the next ten years. She's just she's doesn't stop..

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