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Expressway to buy your next used car one hundred percent online you select used vehicle. it it's an upfront pricing they'll delivered right to your doorstep with all the paperwork ready to sign so you were five hundred vehicles at Berman dot com the traffic and weather together on the aids every ten minutes on newsradio seven eighty one if I put out of and back in the forecast right includes beach hazard state but for rough surf and strong rip currents tonight lows tonight of fifty in the suburbs sixty downtown in tomorrow sunshine with a high about seventy four degrees right now sixty three auto here midway sixty five of the lake front at sixty two W. be able get news time seven twenty. our top story this hour the latest on the impact of hurricane Dorgan is it dumps rain from the Carolinas to Florida authorities in the Bahamas surveys confirm twenty dazzling to the category two storm many expect more to be confirmed because guard comodidad local shelters it's difficult to get relief supplies to the area now there's no open air ports and airports are under water those airports that are accessible are not accessible from road so mosis that's gonna come and rotary wing we'll have much more this year with CBS at seven thirty one Wisconsin congressman Jim Sensenbrenner is retiring from the house of representatives where he served since nineteen seventy eight the Chicago board conservative Republican is the third house member to announce retirement today along with Texas Republican bill floor is in California Democrat Susan Davis. this should occur I am is offering some help to keepers of a suburban forest preserve it's a head start program for Blandings turtles and the team at the Shedd aquarium has just said goodbye to one of its classes the daily Herald reports at the aquarium has raised the twenty three turtles from tiny hatchlings and this week with the help of the page county forest preserve has released them into some secluded marshes the process begins again next week when the forest preserve district hands over another two dozen hatchlings ten years ago the state of Illinois designated Blandings turtles as an endangered species they're slow readers but the paper says there are encouraging signs with this program because the page county forest preserve district has seen some of the head start turtle star to reproduce Jennifer Kuiper newsradio one of five point nine FM turned out for a minute to kids sponsored by Seattle Sutton's healthy with the American academy of pediatrics I'm doctor done sure friend three quarters of parents report that their children rarely help with routine household chores and a full fifty percent of parents say they spend as much time arguing with their kids about yours as the children spent actually doing them.

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