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Dave. All right I've got a lot of glass. Team's GONNA shoot it out. Shirt. The, boot. In could mess Mavericks Various Necklace in the sand? What a fucking ending I can't got an ad twenty. Summer I'm really sad this is over. Great. So we will talk about this more on the short rest at our patriotic, which is Patriot dot com slash DP od. Little. But you know we're not gonNA sing we are. We are. We're going to sing bonfires and we're here to. Zach. Our amazing guest why? Would he would you like to plug Gosh I don't know. You know go vote. For let's Say that. Thanks so much for having me. It's been such a blast. It's. Truly such a joy. Thanks for coming on. It was such a blast to get to. Do More Mavericks Stuff Oh. Man Anytime. So Fun we had to send it could. Really sent it. And does anyone else have anything that they'd like to plug? Yeah. Me and Caldwell. Ron. Hello from the magic tavern this week. Coming weeks. So not not this week, but next week. So check on their feed very funny show mean Caldwell had a lot of fun. I won't spoil what we played, but we play a funny little duo. So we hope you check that out and you enjoy it very stupid. I can't wait for you to hear it, and of course, you can tweet about the show using Hashtag N. A. D. D. P. O. D...

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