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Bulls a quadriplegic billionaire hires a recently paroled ex convict as a caregiver and a two form an unlikely friendship this comic drama stars. Bryan. Cranston, Kevin Hart Genevieve angel son. And Nicole Kidman. And for the kids is the dogs way home based on two thousand twelve novel when a dog is separated from her owner, she makes an improbable four hundred mile journey to reunite with her beloved owner, Ashley Judd, Edward James Olmos, Bryce, Dallas Howard and very Watson star in this family drama. Still in theaters are aquaman escape room. Mary Poppins returns Spiderman into the spider verse and Bumblebee, plus the mule vice second that route breaks the internet and Holmes and Watson. And that's your weekend box office preview on iheartradio. Iheartradio goes one on one with the imagine dragons about how they get their idea for the demons video. It was just an organic idea within the band, really, you know, the songs about human nature to just judge people very quickly. And then you find out that there's a lot more to that person that if you would've known you would have thought differently. So we wanted to show that and show that everybody is that way, we kind of incorporated the story of this more to these people who are all kind of doing the same thing at a concert together. Then what you would see a face value. Keep listening to iheartradio for more. Imagine dragons in all of your favorite artists. And did you see that former.

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