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Com, or call 8 7 7 web now one that's 8 7 7, web 9 one. 8 38. Traffic and weather on the 8s here, and it's over to Steve dresner in the traffic center. In Virginia, we do have the words on setup on the northbound side of the GW Parkway this after one 23 down to a single lane and you can expect to lay all the way up to the capitol bellway staying in Virginia. Traffic actually a good shape in both directions on the beltway, no problems on 66 or three 95 seeing a bit of a delay southbound 95 after Lauren in one year over the yaga Quan past one 23. It does open up for a bit, but we're seeing another slowdown in the usual spot right around dumfries and triangle. Everything south the triangle opens up nicely down to the Fredericksburg area. No problems over on the northbound side. In the district still a bit slow southbound D.C. two 95 coming in from benning road up to Pennsylvania avenue. And we're good to go in both directions on the freeway, no issues on iTunes 5 are going through the third street tunnel. Jiffy lube service centers keep you moving from oil changes to our rotations to filters and wipers to a full range has services. It's a jiffy Luke D.C. dot com for a location near you. Steve dresner, WTO traffic. All right, and we've got some sunshine this morning. Here's our forecast with Mike stina Ford. Slowly, but surely we are getting the cold air out of here and by Wednesday we will see temperatures close

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