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So Jim Matthews. He now works. The company that makes JIRA. Atlassian, he's but he fetches become a little more of a side project. It's still developed it's still updated. But it's no longer in the same kind of active Ford motion. But I'd still, you know, it's still out there in this people who love it. And if you've been using it with FTP SF FTP doesn't support all the new cloud stuff in it the way transmit does. But it is still a piece of software. That is totally up-to-date. It's ready for Mojave, and is a big part of his life for a big chunk of his life. Now, I I remember using it it was before. So now I've been using I was using fetch back before the there's like a standard open. Apple I think it's the ODBC editor. Sweet I forget what he stands for. But it's a way that you can set an FTP client like fat or in argue or transmit to say for this type of file double click. It don't download it. Instead open it. That opens a temp file. And then when you save all you have to do to to to make an edit is just save the file command s and then it sends the apple event back to your FTP client, and in your FTP client will update the version on the software. I was doing that before ODBC even existed because I didn't want to use. I was so appalled by using max v. I a terminal window that I was editing might computer science stuff on a Unix system back in the nineties before this even existed where I would just make a local copy save it. And then I had to do one more step. I had to drag it back into the fetch window and said, yes overwrite do you want to override defile? Yes. And so I was editing files on a remote server in BB at it before it even existed, and I was just thinking you say transmit. I remember to transmit came out. It's it's close. I looked it up. It's like ninety one transmit was like ninety seven or ninety s. Oh, I'm started doing the math. It'd be like twenty years. Yes. So there's, but it's really I mean, I I remember when so transit at twenty years old transmit, I'm using the remember the original name was transit, and they ran panic cable and ran into a trademark conflict, and they'd already built up all this goodwill around the name transit as their name, and they had the truck icon already, and and in this, great branding. And they didn't know what to do because there just two kids who are getting started. And then it like, the I forget who I've probably cable, but one of them came up with what if we just call it transmit, and they realized not only with is that verbally very similar. It starts with the same four letters it actually fits their their the branding, even better. It's actually the better on over the tube. Anyway, I still think of I still think of transmit as the upstart the new FTP client. No, it's it's twenty years old and has been in constant development. But it's it's the new one. I mean, graphic converter is my go-to, partly because its batch processing headed today with a student take control book, and I needed to do this thing. Whereas re-sizing it make sure it was retina the resolution in the usual thing. And I was like coming apple script, I can do automated like, no, no, no, no. I just need to do a crack open graphic converter. And I do a batch thing in there, and I just like drag and drop and click, and it's it's just fantastically useful. It was built as a file conversion units. And it supports. I forget what he's up over two hundred formats and like. Like. Time idea. Well at a time when most apps support the graphic files that supports you know, like graphic converter did all the hard work of actually having the native support for these formats built in. And that's why it has you know, this list of formats such well above and beyond. What what the system supports native? And I was having this conversation with my wife about something..

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