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Friday June Twelfth Two Thousand and twenty. Thank you for joining me. Some pre in for pre solid information today that I think is incredibly relevant to the topic of Corona virus and the fore knowledge around that topic. We've talked about a lot of that on the show. Whether it's the plan some things we're going to go over a little bit more in a moment, the Ai Plan that was brought forward to be for corona virus contact tracing that was brought forward corona virus on and on and on all these things as we've been talking about are things that have been there that they've been working on that. They've been wanting to us and suddenly. This is just the one stop shop member at the beginning I was keeping a list of all the agendas that were being fulfilled. Fulfilled with this I just stopped doing it because everything every single thing you could possibly imagine apologize for being late today I didn't even realize I was behind my time. That's why I was like Oh my apologies, but we're going to get into some really powerful stuff today, and actually something that's being reported in my opinion, a little bit more definitive than it actually is, but nonetheless I still find the information within it to be incredibly powerful and relevant when you consider it with everything else around the topic. This of course has to do with Bill Gates and the drafter of the. CONTACT TRACING BILL HR six six six. That's congressman. Rush and The meeting that took place with him. The Gates Foundation. Harvard. INCLUDED THEM I should say echo health alliance, you know that little middleman group between the Han labs and the US government where they gave them on an equal the lions, and they gave it to Wuhan little middleman idea they were there. Including people been tied to the Rockefeller Foundation people tied to the Clinton Foundation. All kinds of things that are very very suspect with this entire topic, but most importantly. One of the primary groups that's the beneficiary participant in the contact tracing program, and of course all of this took place in August two thousand nineteen right, because they of course knew at that time that corona virus was going to be happening before everyone else in the world apparently and then a couple months later had event to one, and we're going to get into this start today. As well as some more about corona virus and things that are being pushed in some more notes as usual things that are relevant to the discussion, a little bit more in regard to the divide and conquer tactic that's happening right now and other agendas around all of that, and some really disturbing foreign policy to end with today, but I wanNA. Start off quickly to point out something. I had mentioned online today on twitter that we were that I was going to be. Talking with Derrick rose today, and of course. My schedule of course, as usual was the problem and I I wasn't able to time this correctly today, so he's getting his article done right about now, and that will be going up asap, but unfortunately we weren't able to connect today, and that was my fault. We're probably going to have tried to have him on tomorrow. But for those that are following this derrick rose has been keeping track and. Moment by moment what's going on with the floride trial? which is a really really big deal I this is ultimately deciding the reality of what fluoride is how dangerous it is, and whether or not it should be in our water, and this is something that a lot of people have been I mean think about how relevant that is to discussion. As that was something that moments ago, people were shouting you down a conspiracy theorist and here were literally watching a an actual legitimate court case. Play out. That could decide that reality. Think about the consequences of if that were to rule in the favor of the fact that this is talk city. That shouldn't be in your water because it doesn't do anything for you, which is the reality? What will that then suggest say about all the lies and all of the studies, all of the government action that have led up to now. Very powerful stuff, so look out for that as you see Derek has been following us all day for the last, so many differ over for the last week. Updating everything that's happening giving information studies so I recommend you go, and you check out his feed research this to understand what's going on 'cause very important. And for those again that don't understand. The reality of this is something that you need to realize is very clear. Numerous studies countless studies showing how this very dangerous. This is essentially waste. It's a byproduct of things that are being conducted that have nothing to do with you. But waste it's dangerous and they decided okay well. Let's just put it into your drinking water because it helps your teeth at a point that James Corbett just made in recent video which I thought was fantastic. He goes of course right because you know when you WANNA. Stop The Sun burning your skin. You Drink Suntan lotion right so when you WANNA, stop your teeth from going bad. You Drink Floyd, right? Don't think about it too hard, right? It doesn't make sense. And, the reality is as I. Keep pointing out that are. How stupid do we have to be to to to buy the narrative that our government is? Would you have to pry dollars from their hands to do anything including just give health care to Americans, but you're. They're willing to spend all this money to put chemicals in your water, so your teeth are. Cleaner not as I mean even even the logic that it helps your teeth white. It doesn't make sense because it causes dental fluorosis. Anyway I could go off on this forever and there is this something that I'm very passionate about that I've done a lot of research on that I've been covering for a long time, but this is a big deal, so we will follow up on this. The information will be out. There are probably the article. Be Up tonight, so you guys can look into it. But realize this is the kind of thing that needs to set the whole pre. The this this needs to create the right context in your mind for our government is capable of what they were willing to do to you. In the name of what makes you healthy in the name of what is beneficial to you when eventually you turnaround years later and find out that none of that was actually true, and that has to reflect on what they've done in the past and where we are right now. And I know this can be hard for some people to grasp. The history is there. Any number of things. It is for example. Something is easy as.

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