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I think within a three months span. I was working on and not just blowing names out. I was working on. Dylan's springsteen. Elton john billy joel. Kline oh richie and i became a session. Guy session guys. Show up at different studios sessions. Sometimes you do three or four day plan on whatever you make it work and i remember i said you know i'm the band guy. I'm a guy from louisiana. I thought i wanted to do this. Not my soul. I mean i can do it and i love it and thank god i can do it. I'm so blessed. But i said to myself. I need to preserve my love for music somehow. Got to figure this out. Because if i keep going like this session the session. I'm going to start not to love music as much as i do. You're like the maytag man coming in fix the dryer right wood-based you want me. Play this eight over there. You pick it up. Whatever caller whatever so. I hate it and our people before this because i thought they were the blame for the good music and a blamed for the ninety percent of the bad music which just ten percent good still on the radio and ninety percent bad right still the and our guys make these rockets. Siamese people i still don't like an art people and i was one bright so buddy mountains. We're going to columbia's man. You should try and our man you. I'm trying to get more musicians in a game. And i thought to myself. Wow real musicians record producers songwriters doing an arm while this is the way it started back in the day with the great guys that signed all the great stuff because it sounds weird to me but a musician the knows music take writer-producer doing in our no and makes sense to be in the business. Oh no so. I decided to jump in and do it and i realized that these are people still today. People can spot talent sometimes but they don't know how to make it go So you need to be able to have the right phone book to hire the right people to know who to hire to make it go so it's not just going on tiktok or youtube or instagram. Whatever social media of your choice. Oh this person's talented..

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