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Was with you for the the conversation with doug peterson it's contrasting personalities is it contrasting styles i think it is to a certain extent i remember it way back when and ninety six went to go to ourselves was the opposing me and i was the the newcomer an and bill was the establish coach and it's a little like that right now with dug in in bill check but they they do have contrasting styles doug caused the game bill does not call the game but bill is very involved in what's happening in the game but their personalities are quite different um it but it's kind of david and goliath and i'm looking forward to doug actually i hope he does what he told me he was going to do which is just let it go trust his players let it go keep doing what they did to get there and then trying to find out what bill was going to do without heart here got it while will say this bills nickname believe it or not bilbao checks nickname as duma that's what they call the money was what the giants in bill parcells and doom is pretty much a flat liner so you don't get a lot of personality from him unless you talk about special teams he'll have started a special teams navy football and lacrosse he loves those three things uh but when you do get over to the other side to philadelphia one doug peterson was hired obviously as a protege of andy reid who came from mike holmgren and all that green bay stuff in the west coast offense yard jim schwartz as his defensive coordinator frank reich as his offense of coordinator are we know all these guys these guys are smart there are up to the task and they'll put together a fantastic game plan that i can tell you and you can just look at the way the team is responded to the coaches with the loss of course in wentz to tell you all you need to know about whether or not their messages resonating with their underdog philadelphia eagles which in this case it is you know one thing i did want to mention about talking with bill bella check is.

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