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Is GONNA surface and like no people are GonNa so you still relatable. He does judge just like us. Yeah right I tell you that you know the the rap. I was listening to what I was doing. This yet exist at at the time. School Cooler did you do view. I've never done sal Vietnam okay. Yeah I Right right after the China Institute drugs until successful Oh interesting okay having a beard whilst up all right like thirty five I'll do both you do Salvia and grow a beer. Yes okay in that order chicken then okay so I wanna just half to mention a few things about the movie. If that's okay with you guys. Can we dive back into log on. I'm sorry to bring us their funding. Can I get some some of course. Salvia soup okay. Okay so Morgan Freeman. While he's talking one point in the barrage of crazy things that he says in my opinion when he says one you're on you're alive at two neurons you've got movement so all right there are three things that are vaguely good in this move okay. The one of the things that was interesting and I thought they did speak to neuroscientists which the possibly could have because then later other stuff happened but so one of the theories is is that the original purpose of the brain is still movement So things that have nervous systems however primitive or small move move whereas the defining feature sort of one of the key defining differentiating features is moving versus not moving some bacteria Sorry some some microbes eventually move around the need the rain. Once they found where to stop they eat they're not wearing yet the The the the neural tissue once they found where to stop. Wow that's one of the one of the various reasons why people think that movement was at least originating factor. Of course it's very clear that we do tons of other things With our brain that is movement. But it's possible that one of the original pressures assures that led to that is being able to navigate an environment early displace yourself and you know find food or they are fined. Made your there or something okay. So checks out and then I've h four they. They say the doctor says which doesn't really make any sense. The movie why the doctor knows about this that he says it's what gives fetus. You gives fetuses energy to make all their bones that make any sense. There's something like that I think technically. That's it's a lot of BS. I mean there is a thing there is a thing that has that acronym. It's like six Mitchell. Extra bit is raise which is an enzyme. But I it's nothing to do with. Okay should be sound clip. This podcast him saying Technically that's a lot of BS. Okay Point Yeah. I'll put that right at the top somewhere. Okay so why this is a big question. Nobody has taken this drug. I guess right. Is that the implication in the movie. Scarlett Johansson the only person that has taken it like Mr Hot and got kicked in the stomach right. Yeah they put it in her stomach. And then one of her kidnapper caretakers caretakers decides to kick her a bunch of times in the stomach. Which means I guess that he doesn't know that they surgically put this thing in her stomach because then it ruptures and she starts experiencing the trip or whatever but I just found it ridiculous if you're a mob boss and you're trying to transport and sell these drugs? Don't you know what the drug is. If it makes you super smart wouldn't have done some of these drugs. Well the guy who tried it looks really super smart. Remember when she's there with the suitcase. Look super the junkie. Yeah exactly my point reprimanded him because he the guy who actually had kicked her in the stomach right. No we're talking about. Oh Gee when she first gets up. There's she's handcuffed to the suitcase and they have this guy like snort a little bit of the blue. He looks like a war and he looks like yeah like a recovering aren't even know about recovering but like an addict addicts total addict. He snorts some. He starts giggling a bunch and then they shoot him in the face. That's what happens. Maybe it's trying to kill him but why do that how do they. How is that a test? Yeah no it makes no sense. I just you're not surprised that doesn't make any sense. I just I was thinking about it like halfway through the movie I was like. How does this guy not take this drug or or tested on some of his like peons or whatever you know like like how does nobody knows what it does? There's a complete guest and then if it is a complete guessing they don't know what it does why go through all the trouble of surgically implanting and people stomach some some sending them to Paris and everybody knew it would have been a great hint. Yeah they're all so confident it's going to be a huge hit. People are GonNa love this. Just take some yourself become super smart. I was busy thinking about the other. Bs Okay sorry I just seemed like he's the worst mob boss in the world. I couldn't believe how irresponsible this was. We're going to take a quick break and we'll be right back to mow them over to more today we're sponsored by Mova Globes that's right that's not their official song and I don't know if we have licensing to that song so could be getting in trouble for that. I will keep you updated anyways. I'm talking about Mova Globes. I have one. They're absolutely unbelievable. You can get them as different plants. It's you can get them as an asteroid you can get them as an art piece like I have one of Van Gogh it spins on. Its own on my desk. People walk by they freak out and then they go. Oh get their own as you should so go to Mova Globes dot com slash of bad science and use the code bad science for ten percent off your purchase. That's M. O. V. A. GLOBES DOT COM com slash.

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