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What what surprised this is actually, for example, like Julio the mechanic hates Cessna sky masters, and that's because I I as as a mechanic. I didn't like Cisco they're beautiful plane, and the fly nice, and I know people love them, but as a mechanic that were nightmare and so naturally because I hated them Julio hates them. And we have for example, trade a plane tillers, we can't publish this says one of our biggest customers, you can't publish a a strip where you make fun of the system. Something we didn't think about, but that's course, you know. That's why we have more than than one strip month that we can choose from. But, but it's it's kind of those kind of things that that come up on regular basis or like, yeah, we we didn't think about this. And we would be in trouble. It's more and more of that really than than other things which stay clean, and it's kind of a challenge. Also, you know, be funny empty clean for the most part. You know, guys one of the questions that are our listeners might have is over copyright is publisher of this podcast in in others. I'm always very very sensitive to to copyright. Sometimes people eat across the line when they when they shouldn't. But you will frequently see some chicken wings comics, oh show up in a in a forum or someone's blog post or or elsewhere or or even just shared across peop- amongst people amongst friends, what's your policy on call it fair use of the work that you do first of all imagined trademarking product that's called chicken wings, basic food staple and the American diet. So so we spend a lot of time and effort getting that done even push through. But the way we look at copyright is. It's advertisement for us. I mean long. Yeah. We know thump is as long as you don't make money of it. We find so spread it around. Yeah. Exactly. And if you use your give this tell them that's your characters. This is your joke and even jokes, you know, sometimes talking worldwide, some some people come up with the same idea with we've accident laid done jokes with some what does this just like this, Gary Larson, Shoka, whatever. And that was totally not us trying to make the same just eventually sometimes worldwide people may come up with the same joke. So we we look at it. We're we don't go after people because it's free at ties meant, and we're we the more people show us around. I think the better it is for us in the long run cure. But it's actually really funny amid like this pilot acquaintance of mine told me long story about how he went all the way to Alaska from Austrian. He loves finding Alaska you win. From here. They are in weight back in finally at the very farthest outs airport. He could find you went into the Bill in the wings coming straight on the wall. Those are the yeah. Really love work being shared displayed everywhere NFL may plug that in real quick..

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