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In particular these two that i want to talk about like how do you go about finding that out well so that the last dory that i wrote the arizona this story about this man named barry jones on that is a story that ideally i would have taken months and months to do but in fact sort of compared to other stories i've written i wrote it much more quickly than i would have liked i in that story came about in a way that i think a lot of us end up finding stories those of us who have sort of made a name for ourselves and kind of going deepened sort of on packing a a wrongful conviction right so so what happened there was that a lawyer out there in arizona route to me and said hey there's this evidentiary hearing coming up in this case it hasn't really gotten any presidential in you know would this be of interest and he kind of emu some of the basics and so i tend to always say yes advocacy just yeah i'm always interested in so i said sure you know maybe sent me some of the information and next thing i know i'm receiving a fedex of something like no nine dvds and each dvd it's practically the full record in this case dvds of documents of documents and its to trial transcripts it's police records it's this is the case dating back the midnineties what it's sort of almost everything that has happened sense and it was just completely overwhelming um but is also very exciting because i have now the autopsy records i have every last thing i would need you know that oftentimes or so hard to come by um and so once i was in that position because the hook was the evidentiary hearing that was coming up and ideally i would rate something in advance that evidentiary hearing to work pretty quickly too just start to go through all those materials in i obsessively read everything i can anyway and so i read the trial transcripts i read the police reports i took notes and but i wasn't able to start that until i.

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