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Enjoy spending time with people around you making connections. Everything shouldn't be so focused around all like my job like what am I gonNa do like school this and that college like you'll get stressed out super fast. You know it's funny. I've been watching a lot of David Letterman in his <hes> his show on Netflix. My next guest needs no introduction. You know what I haven't seen not one episode of that yet. It's fun which one start off with if I were to just jump into it now the Konya one maybe now man who's like one of my least favorite just start with the Barack Obama. When Obama's great hove is great a lot of the Comedians you great <hes> considering our career path at this point Howard Stern's is super interesting? I thought he was fantastic but anyway you get a lot of Dave's Dave Dude now right as very old fifty years or whatever you know G. He's got like a homeless Guy Beard going at this point and I've always respected Dave as David Letterman as a comedian and as a as a television host Ob- obviously I knew who he was my whole life and he was the guy on T._v.. Who would go there? He would say the Edgy Shit and asked the questions. Celebrities didn't want to answer and he would make these super awkward moments and and there's always been like this intentionally awkward almost <hes> strangely like <hes>. I'm trying to think of a good the the word. I'm looking for here like like it's not like he's talking down on you but almost like he's making fun of you sort board of sometimes in the way. He asked his quite condescending. Yes thank you. That's what I was looking for Hashtag condescending but he's not being condescending. He's just a very very strange man anyway. All that is to say David Letterman routinely brings the lessons and things that he's learned in his life up to this point. He has a very interesting perspective because he has a fifteen year old child yeah and he's like seventy. That's weird. He had kids very very very late in life for a man it was like fifty five and one one of the things you mentioned is that back in the day when he was doing his show on on T._v.. Right and it was his whole life he let it consume everything and that what he learned through that was he thought the show in his job and money and professional success with the most important things in the world and then what he realized you know forty years later is that all of the other stuff is your life. The other stuff is life. That stuff is worthless and distracting and while it's important obviously your your career your professional life is important and the things you do to earn money in this world in and contribute to society those are important things but life is the stuff that goes on the the not even paying attention to because you're so caught up in the bullshit the you think matters. Here's another lesson I just thought of <hes>. It's kind of like a real real quick short story when I was a little kid I remember when the playstation came out the first playstation. The station of the O._J.. Yeah I remember being a kid and I wanted that so bad playstation and at that time my family was just kind of going through a rough period. Money was tight so I remember my birthday that year. That's the one thing that I wanted was that playstation right but I wasn't able to get it instead. My parents got me like a stack of books and like a pack of socks. It's the opposite of a playstation yeah so as a kid you know naturally. I was very disappointed. I was like I don't want this. I want fishing as a kid. You don't get <unk> anything though but they taught me at a young age they're basically like you're not always GonNa get what you want but you should always make sure you have what you need. Yes so which is still something I'll follow to this day. That's such a good lesson man like I don't have the most expensive like the newest technology or like the most expensive things around me right but I have an apartment avocado that's reliable that can get me back and forth to the studio or to wherever I need to go a half food in my fridge freezer..

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