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Five. Tim tebow in the next hour. And listening to paul finebaum show podcast in atlanta they I found few minutes of the first hour. Marty smith marty party who joined mark. Great to see you. You're i guess. I guess it's not a new show but it was It was on periodically the last couple of years on saturday morning beginning tomorrow morning. Mardian mcgee on every we're thrilled Obviously to be able to be. I heard you guys. And you and i had a conversation this morning. And it's just a great group of people Everybody involved in nation. Our whole crew are just amazing spirits. And so it's awesome to be out here and mcgee and i can't believe what we've been blessed to build and to get to do every i mean. Look the set over there behind. The camera is our sit. Which is this nine hundred. Sixty five chevy pickup truck that they bought and blow torched in half and turned into our set. and we. Just don't even know how to articulate. I want to ask you about. I find your your story so fascinating and i know you. You did a book about two years ago and you talk about it. From time to time. This conversation we had earlier. We ran into each other and i. It really inspired me. I mean you. You're doing things that. I don't think even you've quite sure But but you put it. It's not easy to put things in perspective. But i i feel like you. You have things pretty good perspective. Well thank you. And it's you know. Everything's a journey for all of us right and and i've been to have had such a unique path at espn to a nascar specifically first and then doing reporting in college football and other sports throughout this entire thing and then hosting sec nation. A couple years ago. When laura was on maternity leave and and then last year doing sidelines during cove. And so i've i've had such a unique path and along the way a lot of insecurity and a when you realized that you're driven by ego. It's a very unique moment. And very revelatory for you. And then you're able to really kinda dissect dad and build yourself back up. So that's kind of been the journey and i'm just really full of gratitude to be here with with this group of people during this season and start with bama miami. I mean what's what's better than that. That was struck. A i know you. You talk to on. Initially she nation last night. But we brief conversation with lou combs. And i'm just listening long about how this song came came about. And he said yeah i. I've finally left. It was happening. So i called margie. Smith show now. I'm thinking already. You're you're you're you're running nashville. It was a crazy story. It was about three years ago. I've known luke for quite a while i actually. He and i became friends before he became the guy who's first twelve singles went number one. This never happened in the history of the format and and he calls me out of the blue a couple of years ago. And he's like hey man singleton and myself we wrote. The song's called south on. Yeah i want you to listen to it. I want you to get it to the sec. And i was like what so. Listen to it and i knew it was perfect. They wrote it specifically for the conference. And the end the tradition and the pageantry and the passion of the conference. So i took it to espn music and it went down the road. He calls me back. he said. Hey man you know that song. Call off the dogs. I wanna put it on my record. And i was like dude. I'm way down the line here and then last year. When i had cova during thanksgiving tom i was struggling. Not even want to is open. I was in so much pain. And my phone's ringing ringing ringing and our peak over at and it's him. And i answered. He's like what you doing. I said man. I got code. Don't feel good what do you want. He said south on you. Let's get it to the sec. We've been down this road and we really went down the road. Tom mccollum and pete waters our bosses at the sec network and we really put it into full throttle. they love the messaging. They love the vibe. And here we are. He's the official song of our network this season and it's just awesome because he is just his whole thing. His whole brand is very se and so. I'm just thrilled that it worked out for him. And we're going to have that song on esi nation every saturday morning school i. I'm pretty I know everybody has a friend or two. That's that knows somebody but the the number the number of people that you know. I'm with you a couple of years ago. I'm trying to get back to you know. Get home in time for you. Know maybe takeout pizza. Yeah so where are you going more. I'm going to dale juniors wedding i mean the world according to mardi a pretty interesting well. It's just a great blessing and going to go. See luke play a country music. Show tomorrow night Going to leave here and he's he has his first stadium. Show tomorrow night. A kid brewers stadium up at apple. He actually went to college. And i'm trying to figure out a way. I need to call a purpose. Can get on wheels up deal eric. Church is opening his tour in referenda on the eighteenth. That's another one of your Or the seventeenth is. That's another one forward your book. He did write the book. That man saved my life. He did When i lost my dad man. I was going through a real hard time and i just needed a vehicle to carry my emotions. I was really confused and conflicted. I had a very complicated relationship with my daddy. And i just struggling. And eric's i record centers like me was that vehicle. I needed to really carry those emotions. And when i got the opportunity to tell him that when i hadn't even met him yet. It really impacted him and we built a friendship from that moment on and i was just talking to him earlier. He's maybe i shouldn't say what i was about to say. You might see him tonight on a football football game. Well the only reason. I know that i'm on a plane couple of years ago to connecticut. I'm going through philadelphia. And you're getting wh what are you doing. Here are going backstage with eric. Chief me i'm like trying to come with me something. I don't know anybody anytime. You're the face of the sec. That has see the. You don't know anybody. People know you. I tell people i know finebaum like this guy here. Look at him look how happy he is to be on your program. Nobody knows paul. You got guys. Thank you have a good day. I don't know that it's going to be a great day for those guys.

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