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Pound pack and to forty five pound dumbbells, and then I'll do five minute intervals with just a pack and grab the dumbbells and I'll do five two minutes, shrugs, or just holding the weight up when forty fives, then I go, and I put it down to like basically a half mile, an hour and a truck pool and I. Put my hands, and you're basically just driving forward with your body, not parallel to the ground, but just like if you're pulling a truck with a harness. And I do that and then I do those three exercises and feels for thirty minutes and I'm pretty fucked up by accident. That looks like pull that picture up again. The video of that Shit that looks like one of the hardest things you could do. In terms of something you could do in a gym if you're carrying that weight like an farmers carrier and you're going uphill on a cell is a self-propelled treadmill to right I have one of. Of those outside one of those air runners Yep with I, fucking love it well. You can't break, is what's Nice right? self-propelled was just so hard work on yet, but that thing's amazing, and does it vary the pitch. Can you raise it and lower? You can't vary the pitch. You can just vary the resistance, so I hit the brake. When I'm doing a truck poll I dropped the break on it, and so you literally vary the resistance of the. treadmill itself yet. There's a break. Oh, yeah, it's on the left side Oh my God that sounds amazing, but what? One thing about stabiliser though I would think that they don't necessarily the same work with did it with what do you remember those shoes they got sued for? Kim Kardashian was promoting them. Real fats mushy shoes like can, so they made? You kinda stabilize while you're walking. Yeah, yeah, I would think those actually would be good to wear on something like that. Because it would be. You know what a sand. Dune stepper is. Yeah, they suck. Yeah, then good in a good way got one out here. Yeah, they'll burn out the yeah. They work different parts of your leg. Stabilizing right and I would imagine like having a Sand Dune stepper type shoe on. While you're going on, that thing would be the ultimate. Will you're right and people do not think about that, and that's one thing that guys that just run on on on flat pavement flat ground. You're when you say stabiliser muscle, whatever you WANNA call it. The left and right part of your Shins the first time you take a guy out. That hasn't side side hills thirty five degree slopes with forty five pound pack their their legs are their calves are smoked in the left and right side of their shinbone is just toasted, not working those in that lateral stability. People understand that's why I'm not a runner, so I don't like running, but train with A. A pack on and I hike everywhere. And so we I do a lot of side hills just to get those muscles ready for that. Because it's a different world, it'll. It'll Ko you. I mean you'll be down for a couple of days because they're so sore and stiff. If you've never used them in, that treadmill does not help with that. But when I said that the SAN separate stocks, it's a good suck, because it's a way indoors, you can yeah yeah. One ways I try to explain people stabilize stabiliser muscles is A. Down Kettle Bell Press. Take a kettle bell. The impress fairly easily like a thirty five pound keto belt. The most guys can press it overhead now take it and flip it upside down so that the handle is on the bottom and kettlebells above, so you gotta balance that sucker out, and as you're lifting its way more difficult to do and that's. That's using your stabiliser muscles. Is those bamboo bars. Have you ever used one of those? Yeah, yeah, we put all those well. Some of that shit copied from you. For My for my home gym. That's another one knows you don't realize how much this kick the shit out until you get him pretty amazing. It looks so easy, but when you put when you got a bamboo bar and I I do it. Hang kettlebells with rubber bands, so like heavy resistance bands that hanging the kettlebells, so it's all bouncy. Yeah, and so as you're lifting fuckers. But that you know really stabilizes. Everything keeps everything tight. It's funny how much you can torch yourself with very torture yourself with very little I I got that big rope And I just my forearms get issue I talked about tendinitis, or whatever so me doing the rope workout it just I wasn't doing. It was hurting my forums and so. I turned that into a rope drag. I hoped one of my belt from CAFARO and hooked harnessed to it, and I pulled to that thing in half, and wrapped it with gorilla tape and drag dragged up and down my driveway. Me That's horrible. It's bad, but let's say bad when you've committed your life to backpack honey. There's only so many ways that you can get. Re You know you just gotTa? beat the shit out of yourself ready get ready so like. Crazy we live at ten thousand feet, my wife's drafting off the highway and then she goes home and cooks. She goes me a lot, too. But how far the walk? anywhere from five to two to five miles depending on where she dropped me off and it's. Getting a couple thousand feet. It's a climb. It sucks. But the best way. If you're not feeling like working out, have your wife leave you in the middle of nowhere. Getting home, right, you're right. Yeah necessity and so. When people don't I try to put myself in a position to where. I have to do something. If that makes sense because there's days, you just don't feel like doing shit I, mean right so. I just make. My wife dropped me off and tell her you know I. Always say earned my day I gotta earn my day. You know and I keep of my steps on my watch, and so she'll drive. My asks the bottom. That's fifty pounds until laugh leaving. I was one of the best ways to make sure you do something have a list. Just have a list of what you gotTa do today. Just make sure you're doing. It is right down. It seems so crazy, but if you don't. Don't have a list, have you? Don't have it written down what you absolutely have to do. Man You're gonNA. SLACK OFF! You're going to find reasons why you should do less or especially. If you do like what I do one. When I left I I trained myself the most part sometimes I work with trainers. I work with the kick boxing trainer now, but most of my weightlifting sessions I do by myself, so I have to have out what I need to do, and if I don't do that. I! Mean I feel like a pussy, but if I if I have written down today, you're running two miles in the hills. You're doing this do in that if I don't do that, it's it's not going to get it done if you could just give yourself a manageable gold start with. Israel symbol make sure like for every day this week. You're going to do forty push ups. You'RE GONNA. Do Fifty sit-ups. You just give yourself some kind of manageable goal. Get a chin up bar. Do you know Twenty Chin ups everyday just do that. That's a manageable thing you can do that in thirty minutes. You get all that done, and you're good, but if you force. Force yourself to do that every day. Man, you're gonNA feel real results. Real results like at the end of the week. You'RE GONNA fuck. I did it and then ramp it up some more up some more, but it's all about writing down. Yeah, I got a whiteboard and in fact I..

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