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Of that because of roadworks I'm Peter finch for KQED all right thanks Peter coming up now all our perspective people have come up with different strategies for coping with the strangeness of the prolonged stay at home reality for live Kushner and his sons the remedy was a strong dose of indoor camping here's his perspective we didn't intend for it to last this long we were looking to distract our two boys so I rummaged around our storage lost and found legal camping tent the first night we set it up in the living room in the street let darkness I introduce them to the stars using an augmented reality star gazing out looking right up through my landlady's floor to the sky involves the next day the tent migrated to their bedroom my older son is anxiety flaring spent two and a half hours reading and re reading books his brother read right along with him you can actually read that was when we knew we were on to something the protective shelter the nest of blankets into the denture it was exactly what they need it our kids are so different the older one laser focused on serving bowl the younger slapstick and impulsive content created a shared world that forced them into a calm watery skate by the end of the first week my wife couldn't take the mass we gave the boys two days notice but life had other plans her older son fell down or stupid broke his hand making it impossible for him to climb into his it remained they played together in that tent in ways they never had before the quarantine the older one expounding about things he pretends to know the younger one giving his brother the guest of imaginative play some mornings they wake up and shoulders arms it's small the boy at the centre of imagination that knows nothing of sickness when will this end what will the world look like when we re open everything is up in the air but our boys they have their home on their back they have built a defense that works for them arm's length from the tunnel to the anchor enough to reality to be of use for now and for whatever comes next with the perspective I love Christian left questioner is a real estate and placement can consultant who lives in San Francisco and you can.

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