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Announcing new guidelines this week, zoo's director Thane Maynard says they're eager to return to normal. And are working closely with Hamilton County health officials to make sure that they do so in the safest way possible. Meanwhile, we're just a couple of weeks away from the grand opening of Tea QL Stadium, and it might not be long at all. Before I see Cincinnati fans compact, the newest attraction in the West end, Cincinnati may only have to suffer three matches at limited fan capacity. And it's new Tq L Stadium. Those matches Aaron May in June. But by July, the team CEO Carlin of the third says they have their eye on full capacity. I think Karen, Ohio, we think after July 1st Um, we could be back to full fan capacity winner says that would allow full capacity at 14 of FC Cincinnati 17 home matches. Columbus is scheduled as Cincinnati's first match in July. It's a Wednesday night the seventh I met Reese. News radio 700 WLW Cincinnati Police have named a suspect in Sunday's shooting death of a woman in college Hill 39. Year old Deborah Evans died after she was shot multiple times and police believe that 47 year old Craig Timms is the man who pulled the trigger. He's now been charged with murder. Anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to call Crime stoppers at 35 to 30. 40. Investigators who have been working to solve the killings of two girls in Delphi, Indiana for years, are now looking into a kidnapping suspect in Lafayette to see if there might be a connection. Police arresting 42 year old James Chadwell after they found a 10 year old girl locked in his basement. They're looking into whether Chadwell could have killed 13 year old Abby Williams and 14 year old Libby, German in nearby Delphi, Indiana four years ago, the sheriff, saying there are several factors leading them to look into Chadwell but not elaborating. Police say Libby recorded part of the encounter on her phone, capturing a chilling voice that told the girls to move down a hill. Their bodies found on Valentine's Day at the foot of a hill. The Reds have the day off today, but it is NFL Draft day round one gets underway at eight o'clock Tonight Bangles have the fifth overall pick said, has the details coming up in sports? The forecast, though rain is likely throughout the day today, that's coming up next, he went online to switch your car insurance to progressive so you could save money. But then you saw a friend request from an old summer kept buddy. And now here you are clicking through photos of his kickball team from 2011. Looks like they won the.

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