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Sites that are a little more friendly towards an amateur yellow to say i wouldn't recommend interactive brokers unless you really want to study it and be really careful you know what you're doing they're not looking for your business and and they're they're they want ten thousand dollars minimum before they'll even open an account so there you go the sites are looking more for the amateur investor our sites like td ameritrade schwab and thinker swear are sorry schwab td ameritrade and scott trade uh basically the steffi seattle yet eu trade scott trade now avenue scott trading etrade um but i've been definitely had accounts with schwab in i definitely had accounts with td ameritrade tedium our trade zone by td bank um they have definitely have an interest in mutual funds and assets under management so they're happy to get the amateur investor almost no minimum to open an account there they have lots of free stuff free to look at for for a business information about companies that you're looking at so we use them as a research site regularly and i do have an account opened there there are about i think they're like eight bucks for a trade so not substantially different from interactive brokers pretty different but with the added protection he presumably won't use the correct you might get where you think you get yeah right and then they have that you're doing it i mean if you're doing this investing the way were talking about it you're not making a lot of trades bright so it doesnt really in a gutter themdoes matter to the really little guy like if somebody's coming in here in started this with a thousand dollars yeah then a dos makes a difference member you've when you first started do of stuff i remember you were like splitting up your couple of thousand dollars in the different stocks and each time it was a trade and you had to pay the bucks it's like i know that was right after college and i decided i was going to invest.

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