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Local officials could explain what had happened and help them understand how they'd lost their house and their five children. But jenny and george were deeply dissatisfied. When the coroner's inquest was conducted it ruled that the fire had been caused by faulty wiring. But this didn't make any sense. Because jenny and george knew for a fact that the lights had been working that night so it seemed impossible that an electrical problem had sparked the blaze. They were also confused by the latter that had gone missing on the night of the fire. They could have used it to rescue the children trapped upstairs. If they'd been able to locate it later. Someone found a ladder. Sixty five feet away from the house in a ditch. The solders never learned why it was moved. Or who had done it without the latter georgia and his sons had tried to use their to coal trucks to climb into the house and rescued the trap children. But lo and behold neither truck would start even though both had been working perfectly the day before and that wasn't all a witness claimed that he saw a man taking a block and tackle from the scene of the fire for context. This is a system of hooks and ropes. That can be used to remove an engine from a car. The thief was later found to be a local man named lonnie johnson as it turned out stealing the block and tackle wasn't the only crime. Lonnie johnson committed that night. Lonnie also admitted to cutting the sada's phone line just thirty minutes before the blaze broke out at this point. It wasn't much of a stretch for jenny. And george to believe that someone may be lonnie had intentionally burned down their house after all lonnie was skulking around their property committing vandalism and theft if he was capable of that arson didn't seem like too far a leap. The problem was they couldn't prove anything. Sure lonnie confessed that he wanted to rob the house but that didn't mean he'd lit the flames. The sada's couldn't even prove the fire had been set on purpose but tips kept pouring in and they seemingly confirmed george. Jenny suspicions for instance. A bus driver came forward saying he driven past a solder home late on christmas eve. He claimed that as he went by he saw someone throwing quote balls of fire onto the roof. If the bus driver was to be believed someone had intentionally set the solder house. Flame perhaps using a molotov cocktail or another explosive. If true this meant that their children hadn't died in a tragic accident they'd been murdered. The surviving solders were still grappling with the possibilities. When they returned to the site turned memorial a few months later it a somber moment for the family a chance to grieve and remember the source of their pain but two year old baby. Sylvia was too young to understand what had happened or why her older siblings had disappeared. Blissfully unaware she played in the yard until she found something that was decidedly. Not a toy it was in olive. Green hard cylindrical rubber object after examining it george determined it was an explosive device and napalm pineapple bomb to be exact if it was indeed an explosive that would explain the balls of fire. The bus driver had seen being thrown onto the roof and it was consistent with the loud thump and rolling. Sound that jenny up in the middle of the night in short lonnie johnson's suspicious behavior. The napalm bomb and the lack of human remains made the saunders. Sure of two things one. The fire was set intentionally and two. They weren't getting the full story about their missing five children. Jenny conducted a series of informal experiments in her wood-burning stove hoping to understand why her sons and daughters had turned to ash all of her tests left bones behind which gave her an odd sense of hope. It meant that her children couldn't have died in the fire. They might still be alive somewhere but with the stakes so high she couldn't only rely on her own amateur investigation. She took things a bit farther to confirm her suspicions. Jenny consulted with an employee at a crematorium after all who would know better

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