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This is our first episode on the Bohemian Grove. Home to the Bohemian Club and exclusive secret gentlemen's fraternity founded in eighteen. Seventy two each July. The club hosts a two week festival. That could be described as a Balkan all for the world's most prominent powerful men this week will explore what little we know about the clubs founding and the events that take place inside the Grove. We'll also examine those men and women who continue to protest the clubs existence as well as the journalists and reporters who have desperately tried to gain entrance next week. We'll discuss some conspiracy theories surrounding the Bohemian Club. Were they responsible for the Manhattan Project? Which developed the atomic bomb. Are they creating a new world? Order for global dominance and do they actually practice human sacrifice? The signs are posted everywhere. Private property no trespassing. Security cameras line. The Trees Metal Gates Block. The road guardsmen the outpost at all hours. The Bohemian Club has made one thing crystal clear. If you are caught on their land they will have you arrested and United States law. They have every right to do so. But it's exactly this level of security and secrecy that has given rise to suspicion what happens inside the Bohemian Grove. More importantly why don't they want the world to know here is what we can say for sure. The behin Grove is located in Monteriro California. Just a couple miles north of San Francisco. It serves as home to the Bohemian Club. A more than one hundred fifty year old secret fraternity the property spans twenty seven hundred acres and is located in the heart of the redwood forests. There are more than one hundred different campsites on the grounds all of which are situated around a central feature. A man made lake watching over. The lake. Is a shrine depicting a thirty foot stone. Al weathered from age it sits atop a giant stone staircase nested in the trees and looms over an impressive firepit. If you WANNA see the grounds for yourself have your pocketbook. Ready because joining the Bohemian Club is not cheap. The initiation fee alone was twenty five thousand dollars in two thousand nine and that's before your annual dues but money alone won't gain you entry. In order to be considered you must be recommended by a number of its members lest your name be relegated to the wait list which is rumored to be fifteen years along and of course you going to need to be a man. Today there are somewhere around two thousand five hundred members some of which are allowed to bring guests of note. We think you'll be familiar with many of the club's members and guests names on the list include hearst Roosevelt Eastwood Twain Bush cronkite. Cheney crosby London Reagan Nixon. Ford Mirror Powell. Rumsfeld Schwab Hoover Scalia and Kissinger. Membership is so difficult to secure that rumor. Has it even our current sitting president? Donald Trump has never been invited in order to get a sense of just how far the club has come. Let's travel back to its founding in San Francisco in eighteen seventy two in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century Bohemian. Ism was trending in a big way. A Baheen lifestyle means taking pleasure in art revelry and hedonism and is often associated with frugality impoverishment and an anti establishment worldview. The Bohemians were actors writers painters and musicians who prided themselves on being untethered to worldly possessions. Some might call them hipsters or hippies in theory Bohemians were often spiritual in practice however they worshiped indulgence in eighteen. Seventy two in a dimly lit room in San Francisco. A group of Bohemian journalists began hosting gatherings for other like minded men interested in the arts. But it was mostly an excuse to imbibe while raging against the conservative politics of the day. It wasn't long. Before their revelry caught the attention of other bargo orders men who saw the good time they were having and asked to partake though. These new attendees loved hedonism. They shared little else with the Bohemians. Their pockets were lined with money. But why turn them away especially if they were going to foot the bill? The Bohemian artists dubbed their new friends men of US and refer to themselves as men of talent. The name seemed to suggest a hierarchy of priorities. Talent came first money was a systemic convenience and they were happy to manipulate the system but whatever their priorities were they seem to shift as the Bohemians realized. Just how much money can actually buy? Their parties became more lavish and intern more desirable and nothing fuels desire more than exclusivity. You always want what you can't have so. The club became more selective and raised their barrier for entry sometime around eighteen. Eighty seven entrance fees were set at one hundred dollars a person the equivalent of around twenty seven hundred dollars today monthly dues were the equivalent of ninety dollars. The clubs seemed to shed all of their Bohemian ideals except one their love of partying and by eighteen ninety three they started renting portion of the redwood forest from the Sonoma's lumber company to use as a getaway way in nineteen o one they purchased one hundred sixty acres. That parcel of land would eventually expand to the twenty seven hundred acres than it is today. That's four point two square miles more than three times. The size of New York Central Park nested within those forested acres are a number of different sub camps. The most important are the main gathering areas the grove stage a two thousand seat outdoor amphitheater the campfire circle a large firepit to surrounded by benches carved from redwoods the club house a multi purpose entertainment and dining facility and of course the heart of it all the owl shrine and the lake. The facilities only account for a small portion of groves land members and guests are free to roam about the forested grounds and lose themselves amongst the trees there within the freedom of the forest. Far from witness or worry debauchery of the Bohemian Club could become legend and as the mythos grew it piqued the interest and some powerful figures in the early twentieth century. Attendees started to include men like president. Herbert Hoover and as more attention was paid to the Grove. The clubs privacy measures only increased. The press became a distinctly unwelcome guest all forms of cameras videos or tape. Recordings were banned. Everything that happened in the grove went entirely off the record its members and guests were sworn to secrecy. By nineteen thirty eight total media blackout began and even the official story becomes hearsay except for financial records. Thanks to the group status as a five. Oh One C. seven social organization meaning. They're actually exempt from federal taxes. Their finances have to be available to the public and those records highlight the irony of the group's Bohemian routes as we've said the entrance fee is currently set to twenty five thousand dollars but in two thousand seventeen the Bohemian Club's total revenue was just shy of ten million dollars. There total assets were more than twenty million. And that's what was reported to the. Irs It's interesting to note that their numbers have remained suspiciously consistent over the years in two thousand eleven. Their total revenue was ten million dollars and their assets were eighteen million dollars. You'd expect peaks and dips as the economy flows and ABS but the Bohemian Club's official holdings remain suspiciously steady and when CEO's CFO's and financial executives like billionaire. Charles Schwab are members of the club. Some question what wealth the Bohemians are hiding overseas or what tax breaks? They're able to secure after all. Some of them helped pen. The laws. Apart from these financial records everything else we know is thanks to a few brave men and women who risked their freedom to infiltrate the Bohemian Grove. And some have faced dire consequences for uncovering the secrets to hear the rest of this episode. Follow podcast daily free on spotify or wherever you get your podcasts..

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