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Then came a march down fifth avenue just three blocks to trump tower about a dozen of the marchers including democratic congressman adriano espaillat louise gutierrez and rahul rehaul verse sat on the street in an act of civil disobedience you will raise george is all three of them and some others about a dozen in all were arrested now earlier that morning i talked to congressman s by out he represents new york i asked him about democrats cutting deals with trump on issues like this i first want to say that i am thankful for the efforts of both ali the pelosi the sl as schumer of to have a dialogue wait with the president president by choose says it's wrong to tie the dreamers status to broader border security from the issues should be dealt with on its own he says an on its own merits who won a cane vote isolated demag vote that will guarantee teed eight hundred thousand young people the ability to stay here in the united states legally focus a democratic congressman they're don it sounds like not philosophically opposed to working with republican prison more pragmatic emmys that is that something you heard well i heard some of that but not a lot mostly i heard real scepticism the young man weird moments ago on the bullhorn antonio alarcon he's been in the us since he was tan now is about to graduate from college i asked him about this dealer this agreement or whatever you want to call it between trump schumer and pelosi he just shook his head and laughed i laugh because they keep saying that they will operate that the dreamers that will be that ones fighting for the durum as what are the another day there are meeting with someone who has been seen a lot about this about immigrants and making deals would ever i envy says trump can change his mind in a minute so you can't trust him now i also went to a place called atlas diy in brooklyn it's an organization that works with young emigrants from manny different situations in backgrounds as far as their legal status goes rebecca mcbride is of staff lawyer there when i asked her about.

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