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All right I I I listened to it again last night for I think the fourth time and I loved it. It's going to be great this episode that you guys said and I'm not saying I'm going to be great playing you his but certainly the the materials strong and this is how Martha and so now. I'm I'm having the experience of being on the other end of a Martha Pitch. I'm getting greased and I know I but I don't care you know because Seth how good yeah. Yeah I'm being handled and I can feel it but it'd be handled with care and I appreciate it. Okay just to be clear. I have no part in this right. No you're GONNA play Kevin. Okay yeah cabin is. That's right. Kevin is in this playing playing Sorry who's playing Moshe Kevin most most but you said Moshi and then most shades are your in character already as you couldn't remember dude's name all right okay. Sorry method acting okay. Here we go. I will be shown someone should play the intro song. Okay because it talks about playing the song and it'll be like an immersive experience. I don't know why I'm doing this. I've totally given up control the show but I guess quality quality is still important to me while. Yeah you care we need your notes on this okay so I guess if I say if I start with play the song yeah play the song.

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