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Well about muti superglue he's superglue all right put it on the poll guillermo is a mutant not a glue guy but rather superglue left to read that later yes pj tucker's more flexible yeah gives them threes valuable threes off the badge little defense let's do this since you guys wanna do this all right who's the glue guy now that he's retired who is the glue guy who gets to be 'cause perk perk used to be the guguy for those champion celtics but we were laughing at him joining the self there's cavs yesterday oh james posey conic glue guy helped in a to those the most iconic of the glue guy well i'll tell you right now i think it dollars at not that's pretty good one yeah but there should be rule against your glue guy having been a franchise player it's there are a lot of glue guys only a few of them get to be super glue and i don't think i'm bob moon weekday qualifies bigshot bob yeah we'll oh absolutely thirty hall of famer he's the reason they invented glue now you know what i kinda wrong that's a totally different category that's missing piece missing pieces not guguy those guys are two different guys so who's they're missing piece they did add gerald green stepped up to them he did he actually this is why i'm tired of this conversation you guys have been trying to wrote me into this conversation for seven years telling me jeff green is a missing piece and glue gut jeff green while they did add joe johnson they were missing joe johnson piece there were kind of louis it can be both.

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