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Relief package gets him recovers. We are united As one for a big bowl package. But Senate Democrats have made it clear they're willing to move ahead without support from Republicans. Even as talks continue with both sides, he will negotiate in good faith to of the president's closest congressional allies from his home state of Delaware say negotiations continue over sticking points, including direct payments and state and local aid, and that CBS News correspondent Natalie Brand at the White House, a newly revealed video shows three of the former Minneapolis police officers charged And George Floyd's death, detaining a different black man. Just three weeks before Floyd's fatal arrest, the police had responded to a call about a woman being held hostage and an apartment building the most well known officer of them all in the Floyd cases. Former cop Derrick Sheldon. CBS News correspondent, Jeffrey Gaze has more on the upcoming trial goes on trial next month. The other three former officers, they're going to be tried together in August. Meanwhile, on a separate track is the Justice Department's civil war. Rights investigation into Floyd's killing. Minnesota politicians clashed over who should pay for security during next month's murder trial of former police officer Derek Sheldon. New tonight, a White police officer in Columbus, Ohio, indicted on murder charges in the shooting death of a black man there late last year. Officer Adam Coy have responded to a non emergency call involving a parked car back in December. Police body Cam footage showed the victim 47 year old Andre Hill, emerging from a garage and holding up a cell phones. Seconds before he is fatally shot. Hill was on the garage floor for several minutes without an officer on scene coming.

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