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One of legendary Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page's iconic instruments, which he calls x calibre has been lying dormant for years. But it's getting new life paid says an AP interview. Fender guitars will be making replicas available. It's so specialists such a history to it. The it needs to be able to travel in the closed. He says the original guitar was given to him by another guitarist. Jeff Beck as a way of saying. Thank you for recommend. Sending him for a ban. That's part of both their histories, the y'all buzz the RBIs. Fold in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight in the last dates around July of sixty eight and by September the twenty fifth in nineteen sixty eight. Months later, we recording. I Led Zeppelin album paid says he loved it so much he painted a colorful dragon on it with light hit it would just sort of exploding color. So the whole thing was a psychedelic guitar will real custom-made psychedelic Utah Jimmy page later left it behind while he was on tour with zeppelin, and when he came back, a ceramicist friend, and how sitter had painted over it page angrily stripped off all the paint and placed it in storage where it sat for decades with Led Zeppelin now celebrating fifty years he approached Fender to make an anniversary edition for the public which will be unveiled in January Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg being urged to testify before a joint hearing of international law makers examining fake news, and the internet that of the UK parliament's media committee, Damian Collins is joining forces with his Canadian counterpart to pressure Zucker Berg to personally, take part in the hearings as he did before the US congress and the European parlay. Colin says, the November twenty seventh session will be hosted by an international grand committee. And he says, it's likely other parliaments will be represented. A probe into a US coal company's been reopened in Columbia AP's. Mike Rossier reports the country's looking for possible. Militia and American coal company is under investigation by Colombian. Authorities looking into whether it financed a paramilitary group during Columbia's bloody civil conflict. Alabama based Drummond company Inc has operated in Columbia for decades. The chief prosecutor's office is focusing on irregular payments allegedly made by Drummond to a contractor who was convicted in two thousand thirteen in the.

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