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Your shit together and then if you still like them like listen also like you like this guy. There's no you don't have anything with this guy you know just like you don't have anything with the first guy. Aren't your pals your pals on the phone with you and if you have a platonic guy friend then great but once you start to realize that you want more with his friend it ceases to be a black friend and there's planning a guys who you can be pretend friends with right. I mean yeah So yeah like there's nothing to worry about ruining all it might be. It might be something people say because they feel back 'cause they don't like you. Yeah i mean that's fine. But he likes her. He definitely likes her and we'll be careful. You know the list is long of girlfriends who've been like he likes you girl and he definitely didn't like you know to him too long. Fucking law no. I mean we've chat. We've had a conversation recently. Honestly in the past couple of days were this. I want you to be right so this is real simple. You are very clear with the guy who likes you. Don't like sorry. I don't like you. We can be friends up to you. I'm fine either way the guy you're sleeping with. Hey sorry we're not hong having sex so now you really know it was about sex over and then when that's all fixed that you got us other guy so we like each other it's going to date and if he likes you you guys are so convinced that he does he will say yes. Then you'll go on a date. Thank you lying out. You guys are really very simple. Things complicated one hundred percent. Rinse here in our lives. Now one hundred percent. I agree with that. But i think it's more by me and the guy that i do like i feel like because of the situations with us working together also being neighbors and just everything that are passed. We've been through comes into play and we enjoy each other's friendship. We all had the same friends. I don't wanna mess that up. Because that mrs up a friendship that i enjoy and a million saint for him to an like but because of our past what pass are you scared Our exes i guess well his ex is. I don't know all i don't even really know all about his aides his situation but like my we actually live together in this apartment. It was just like a really bad toxic situation and it wasn't good for me still lives through. No we lived here in this zoellick. He knows who god no. Yeah like they all note like they know who he is and i mean. It's not even about that. But just what he put me through they. I mean it's aware right. I mean look at what it's reasonable to. Maybe it's reasonable to say. I don't know if i really should go for this. Because he's my neighbor or my coworker. Because if it doesn't work out it'll be really awkward and inconvenient so that's valid as far as this quote unquote friendship. You're worried about ruining. There's not much of a friendship like you know like it will always be some weird sexual tension if you don't go. They've talked about hooking up and told her that if you are hanging out and then you start hooking up that is essentially a relationship whether you like say it or not like that's basically what it is especially if it's something everybody it ceases to be a friendship which is my point. It could be a lot of other things as we've learned through our callers but it definitely is not a platonic friendship. You're already not platonic friends. So you're you seem to be really good at getting yourself in these like random situations in void like these like and i don't mean to be hollering but these are clear answers. You're just avoiding making choices in collecting these situations. Like i call him. Look at these three guys like there's these three very different situations. The first one's a situation. It's just a guy who likes you. There's probably thirty other guys who like you you know like how is that affecting your life. It's not you know just because someone likes. You doesn't mean you have a situation sellers that they affect these your neighbor and again. That's pretty clear that you're having sex with someone who doesn't seem to understand that and it's best to just cut that off especially the fact that you stopping you for doing things you do like and the worst case scenario worst case that none of these guys are your guy you start dating people who don't live on your block and yeah maybe you realize maybe you're like yeah i like you but it is messing you do my axe and honestly like your hot and cute and sex might be fine with you but like you know most likely this is going to turn into like a six months thing that's gonna probably turn toxic and be awkward for years because we're neighbors so i'll just get back in the day and find someone lives at least down the street omen that happened. That's fine if it did. And i'm saying if you wanna go for you know i'm just saying like a convinced you guys like each other so if your leg until to go war but if there's other you know you just have to pros and cons you know. How much do you like each other. How much is it really worth. it like. You said decide whether it is. It's not that complicated. Is this someone who now you know. But are you looking for something to do for the next six months or you looking for someone. Either answer is fine. Like you're young like you could literally be like i don't know i just want someone who have casual sex with for six months. It's not even that like it's not even casual sex. I don't need the sex. I mean that's fine. What do you want for yourself. What do you want for yourself the next twelve months like there's no wrong answer. I just wanna have fun. Okay honestly just have fun and you just wanna have fun so the fact that you just want to have fun means that none of these guys are for you. Because you've pointed out they all come with some drama and drama well you might like dramas on that might be fun so it depends on what fund means for you. But if you want like if he's this your neighbor and you kinda like him and he kinda likes you but the fact that like there's so much other built in mass before you even start. That's not fun. That's potential drama. And since you're not looking for like a husband it doesn't really matter if you like him and he likes you. You're just looking for a good time and you can probably find a good time with a few other people who don't live on your street and if you wanna have a casual up that's great but make sure you too on the same page of which the second guy is not so if you just wanna have fun totally cool reasonable in fact i would recommend it for you. Let you know so great so go get things that are fun and not filled with potential drama and confusion. You know. yeah you're literally fun with so many people so go have fun with them. Definitely gonna sleep with the other guy at some. Point is my. I'm not good. No told no not totally we okay so we hooked up by about three weeks. Maybe but the thing is i. I hadn't slept with him in a long time because he had been sleeping with a bunch of other people. That i felt was kind of like gross. You know in a sense. And i mean everybody has a pass and what not and. I'm not judging but i just it kind of freaked me out and i was like i really wanted this anymore and then you know allow only not of drinking and it just happened to come up. We had you know messaged or whatever and then that.

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