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Break. It's 803 and let's find out if you are catching any breaks on the roadways this morning, Laurie Grandi watches the Subaru retailers up New England all wheel drive traffic on the three. Jeff. I hate to use this kind of language, but things are going to heck out there. It is really tough. 1 28 North bound. Three lanes are closed due to a crash at University of in Westwood. Only the one right hand lane is getting past there. And traffic is jammed from 95 to that point. Still dealing with delays. 24 north Beyond the crash has now been pushed off to the breakdown lane just before Route 27 in Brockton. But traffic continues to be slow from 106 in West Bridgewater. Watch out for delays as well. 93 north I gotta crash at Marvel at the two left hand lanes are blocked off there, and traffic comes to a grinding halt. From spot pond to that 0.93 south, and it's not bad most of the way towards 1 28. But of course, this will be visible to that side and be able to slow down. Slow down for everybody. It's slow again, approaching delivered connector, which is jammed. In fact, let's check out the rest of the downtown with Kristen Neck and the Needham Bank copter. According to Back to the airport roadway You can think of crash inside the top. Open for a news jammed right back down the Chelsea side trying to get on the leverage down ramp in 93 South still has delays back in Somerville at Bedford, Chris Neck and the need of bank Copter. Yes, still dealing with a crash inside the Sumner Tunnel. Laurie, Granny WBC's traffic on the three. No question about It's beautiful in Boston, maybe a hint of fall in the air today with a breeze. But the Sunshine will feel nice we'll get to the mid seventies. Summer.

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