Jose Ramirez, Cory Couvert, Edwin Encarnacion discussed on Baseball Tonight with Buster Olney - Flipping The Script


Yeah they've been playing great you know i think we're going to start to get a little jose ramirez for mvp discussion too but uh cory couvert just been amazing heat trying to chasedown chris sale for the so young award and it really getting some good stuff out of guys like edwin encarnacion and carlos santana francisco lindores you know i'm looking he's gotta over an eight hundred ops a three and a half war you know if they could get michael brantley and uh uh you know back in the mix and they they have jay bruce now you look at their lineup it's pretty solid uh they're gonna depend on guys you know the right handed with tune he guys like guy you're in austin jackson in the post season but that's starting pitching is where it's just completely starts from and uh i don't know if you saw the trevor bauer interview yesterday with uh i'll be sailed garcia but uh this is a team that is really uh fail it right now and they're they're you know just getting such great starting pitching every single night even when they have days where they don't hit uh they are gonna be in every game so uh they haven't missed to be and uh they gonna feel pretty good about the way they're playing obviously going into the post season and then she said they just they do need to get into miller back um but it's sounded like the last update was fairly optimistic they were gonna.

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