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In a documentary based, on his book, king Leopold's coast, author Adam Hoge shelled describes what it was like. For the Congolese on display when Leopold heard that some of. Them were getting sick because of candy there eating was tossed to them by the crowd he put up the equivalent of. Adult feed the animals sign at zoo saying. The blacks are fed by the organizing committee seven Congolese died of pneumonia and influenza. At this human zoo Belgium built another mock African village at the nineteen fifty eight Brussels world fair not Tamala is a historian at the museum he says Europeans crowded around the. Fenced-in Congolese they were being by Burma and appeal to. Them and the Congolese protested against that they wanted to, be respected and be seen as animal In June attitudes did. Change but the museum remained stuck in the nineteen fifties so it was faced with. The decision stay the same or tell the whole story Dido GRA seals was brought in to make that decision they brought me here. To just reform in Novi Asli colonial past is, something that we have. To deal there are ex colonialists in their seventies and eighties who believe they helped Congo they. Learned local languages and married Congolese Belgian, diplomat rainier Nickens represents them they felt like. A father what to take good care of kids and the kid would grow and when the kids, will be adult he will fly zone wings and. Go away and they had the sense, that it was a normal course of history The, Congolese living in Belgium are appalled by this. Paternalism some want to close king Leopold's museum or cut him out altogether Was madman colonization is bad more art curator says. How games did not to Bolya works with a nonprofit that records oral histories from the Congolese low salt is on this She switches to French and insists that the museum can not decolonize endless Congolese in charge of it In the end there. Was compromise it took five years, and cost nearly ninety million dollars but the. Renovation is almost finished some of the old exhibits remain but they. Come with explanations about Leopold's brutality there's a new building that includes exhibits on Congolese history and culture this gallery, will be about the language of music in Africa museum director Gita reseal shows me around the galleries so he'll be able to bring their. Own memories and archives bay themselves fulfill up the old colonial statutes are no longer front and center contemporary African art is everywhere Which brings us back to the Congolese visual artist encouraged him to. Participate walk Monday does implement I didn't want to I didn't think it would do any good. But then I was told about a competition to replace king Leopold statue with an original work I'm AM won, the competition with a monumental sculpture of a human rising. From roots and looking to the, sky it's called Congo new breath and. When the museum reopened. At the end of this year it will be the main statue visitors see for NPR news I'm. Joanna kakissis interpreted culture This weekend edition from NPR news Lulu Garcia Navarro will be back next week I'm, Melissa block, join, us for another hour of weekend edition. Sunday along with a Sunday puzzle and we do Sunday morning newscast a.

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