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Pacman that gain is the only playoff win cameron heyward has played in. And isn't that amazing. That's amazing rod. Because he's been in the league. What ten years now and we cannot say. You're not guess this was the black ango go-goes that we keep saying the steelers that really good team and we are good team but then we don't have the results for these plays. They want need that hall of fame coach to be that extra. Tear up talk because came here with us. One win out of all these chances at a ten years. It doesn't say it doesn't seem right. Does it well and joe haines than here this. This was his fifth year here. And he's he hasn't played in the playoff win. Isn't wanna play and he can help you know. He's been a huge help to this team. He's been a huge force on the steelers team. Hasn't won a playoff game with us. You know fitz. Patrick came over. He hasn't t j. What hasn't won a playoff game lake. What's going on like we've got a we've got to step it up. This is what. I was thinking. When i was to your audience for the sherman and then straight away when castro left. Also like hang on a minute big ben's and the gone that offense who has been in active playoff game all the sorry to win all the other guys and let me know that it's just just getting there isn't isn't good enough judy just getting their washington just getting their snow just getting their lost year. Not good enough to win to have that playoff culture and and starting winning culture and yes. We are standing on the stand tall and they pies. We made it but at this happens again. We're going to impact to we get go. Big ran on part to. What's gonna happen if it doesn't happen for the negative side but there's going be a time where you know you're playing you year. Like what now announced noticed all on him but the nfl is gonna help him out. Jeff yeah yeah i i actually i actually it with my own because i i was i was on the same page with you but a little bit of different direction. With ben roethlisberger is the only player who has been in a court in a playoff win for the steelers on There are a total of six players on offense who have played snaps on offense. They have to be offensive snaps in a playoff win period. Six of them you want to try and guess any of them all offense okay. I'll try my best apron. Would be one. Is that correct eric. Ebron two thousand eighteen indianapolis over houston guy. We guy on the offensive line. We added from the super bowl champions last year. From case casey from tamla played he played for tampa last year. He's ho-gau hague hague. He was her sixth offensive lineman. He played twenty one snaps in the super bowl. And these these players often. You wanna test my at my weight position like there there. Yeah you got one of the two non offensive lineman offensive lineman. He wasn't on our team in two thousand eighteen but he did win a playoff game in two thousand eighteen. Playoff davis brother hasn't all like derrick derrick lot two nine t playing ten snaps when the chargers beat the ravens no way but the who who the laws who the la okay. Well the guy we just added to replace. The castro played in the super bowl and two thousand fifteen so he won the he won the nfc championship game in two thousand fifteen. The last guy Avion collins two thousand eighteen minnesota over new orleans. He played ten snaps. He's offensive lineman but he got in on offense. They weren't special teams But that's it like avion collins probably isn't make this team you've got joe. Hager's of backup offensive lineman eric ebron derek lot. Who barely plays and the new guy. We decided to trade turner who hopefully healthy. So what you're saying is in total only offense. We really have zero experience in a playoff ron. And maybe that's the do that playoff victories in in our culture the moment whereas for years or even before two thousand ten we had were always gonna to be around. And if we didn't make the next few years you had new guys who were were piled. Delay the ship that's alyce. That's why me why. Ben roethlisberger was twenty. Seventeen was in two thousand seventeen two thousand sixteen season. Everyone on the team has a playoff win since then is wasn't on our team. And it's like derek. Whyte avion collins eric. Ebron and joe hague. It's like they're not leaders. These guys that leaders in your locker room. I'm just going to throw this out there for a minute comedy. Imagine if big ben was a problem the united may auto winds but then everyone else keeps leaving him not wanna taste that as some people will they say big. Ben is a problem. We've kept him. We haven't had other applies to stick around this offense and if big big ben the only one is one the pie with the button then maybe the other plays sign jon like playing with him but he seems to be the only one united sometimes when that happens in las. If you're the person you you disagree with thirty people maybe it's you up. I'm just gonna stay off that topic. Nothing save about that day. Director director letters davidson. I'm not saying it's the right thing. I'm designing the possibility but it's coming back into these players that the buy in however yet. It's tough one. I looked into this race. Such about not winning lost person to win a playoff game and twenty seventeen was ben. There's nobody else on the offensive line. So who's the leadership is a ben And before we go to break doesn't doesn't doesn't matter that we haven't won a playoff game. Did you run run. Rampant and fry moves. Go crazy and we will get a playoff win. Doesn't matter i don't think it does. I honestly don't think it does it. Doesn't it doesn't matter once you win one right. This only matters until we win a playoff game right the minute we wanna play off game. How many games you want is a relevant like. It's it's not really relevant like it didn't help us in two thousand and ten ben rothlisberger ton more playoff games than aaron rodgers had right. Didn't matter the it was a two time superbowl champion. The green bay packers beat us. We have you know It it doesn't it doesn't really matter it didn't matter. Cleveland wanna playoff game in forever..

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