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The people who need coverage the most this was pulling the good risk out making giving them a good deal but those who are dependent on or to have preexisting conditions and other more extensive medical conditions find it very very expensive doctor roger stark disputes that the healthcare analyst four washington policy center says those young healthy customers were never a mainstay of obamacare as expected i think the obama care at least the exchange part of obama care in a death spiral anyway regardless of any kind of administrative executive order the premium prices in the exchanges is growing up simply because we don't have young and healthy individuals participating meantime chrysler says he has been in close contact with street attorney general bob ferguson about potential legal action against the president's order corwin haeck komo news president trump's latest executive order on travel is still unconstitutional according to washington state attorney general bob ferguson comes chlorinate reports the ag has six days to mount a successful legal challenge before the band kicks in despite two revisions since january ferguson says the orders still violates the establish from and clause of the us constitution the one that guarantees free exercise of religion ferguson tells abc news the travel ban is really a muslim ban nobody is above the law and executive order still the must be consistent with our constitution and that's the problem that the president keeps running into the latest version adds north korea and venezuela to a list of countries whose citizens face restrictions on travel to the us republican representative ted yoho of florida tells pbs newshour the ban these constitutional president as the ability to decide who comes in and doesn't if it's a national security risk after the new version was proposed last month a federal judge issued an stay on all legal challenges washington is one of six states asking the.

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