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I think I have that Nice Way to plan in advance to pay for that. It's like a dollar a month. I mean that's a good deal if you think about it twelve by the way what are the odds what are the odds that I mean people want this to be aliens but an alien pilots all the way through the galaxy flying through space. He's obviously got skills but somehow he gets to earth and just crashes. He crashes into space junk which gets yeah I the under her so this is my theory is that the alien craft bumped into this space junk knocking it out of orbit through the atmosphere and then into earth rather than whoever was the first person to see this. That's pretty cool to see it falling and crashing and then run over and be like well look at that smoldering doing things okay but if you saw that would you want to run over to smoking space debris. It seems like it could be filled with poison back here space. Basically it doesn't necessarily need to be actor on a crash. It could be like a probe or a drone or like some sort of like escape excape pod carrying a baby superman could be a bunch of that stuff. If there was a baby that would be the most like a baby comes comes out of smoking wreckage that would be terrifying yeah that would be but also not really because science fictional movies. Please have already perverted yeah so it's like really what's going to happen. That's not gonNA shock me like a big giant. Alien Cockroach saw the man in black love like there's ever seen at all movies have prepared you for everything yeah like I'm going to be unfazed by you. See on the screen and what happens in real life that you just you would be overwhelmed by the scene. I don't think you're gonNA think so chill. When you see a giant cockroach get out of flaming space wreckage and come walking walking towards you? You're not going to be like Oh. I've seen this before no big deal and by the way what happens in men in black is terrible so you'd be terrified thinking that this is gonna be just like men in black lack the humans the first one right that's the woman's car yeah but the humans get the best of that cockroach after it and what is it climbs bodies puts the skin on a Saturday be wearing Tyson skin. Only one we saw only like one or two people skin hidden endorsed people were jerks anyway so feel too bad there was like a cockroach enticing skin and then also ten Tyson androids. I android zone you too much too much Tyson in the world Roach Tyson. I've always I've always thought could never be enough Tyson seriously. If you Saas space debris crashed to the ground. You're up there at your dad's place. There's no one around late at night. You see a brilliant light. It come down at crashes into the forest. You're telling me you're not. You're not gonNA say anything to anyone. You're going to be the first person on the scene. You'RE GONNA walk out there and check it out. Oh Man. I don't know if I'm that brave Tyson. Feel like I'd want to you but I yeah I know I think you could I think he just gotTa stay a upwind. You just gotTa stay up from it. Would you rather go see windfall. Would you rather go see the glorious space debris falling from the sky or the autumn foliage. Both I think he can do both looks like these people are. I'd like to breathe because have you ever seen a meteor that lights up the sky now. It's like shocking because it's so bright right and you're like what was that to see that happen. Over and over again would be an amazing thing you a meteor show Tyson said forget the the eclipse is find out when the next meteor shower is going to be yeah people love meteor showers Danny yes space debris crash into your backyard. Would you go investigate. I kind of think I'd do what you were saying you would do and that is walk up. Close enough to kind of get is on it yeah but not like walk up and start poking with a stick. No you can't poke it. It's too hot and probably filled with radiation so go up examine it from a distance and then call the authorities forties. Hopefully your neighbor is mowing the lawn at night and then you can look and see like look out and see her and she's fine then you can go out and check it out well. You have kids that can you can have them run out. I take my phone recordings. They're just raw already faced timing your mom's mom run out. There gets a video that Beck and get back here. Frost Digest October. The twenty first is the next meteor shower where you need to be at a tell us where to be 'cause Meteo showers can't be viewed from all over the world at the same time all all right. Let's so but we were talking about the lookalike robots but that more exciting to you then this robot in Seattle which can and not only cook pizzas but three hundred pizzas and our Tyson. Would you eat some pizza that was made by a robot for sure but that picture is not a robot that picture is a conveyor band yeah I feel like this story was sensationalized as Click Bait because machines have been around for a long long time and this in high school I had my hamburger gas. Station wants a hamburger the hamburger station well if we're calling this machine which is a robot yeah yeah. That's what yeah. Burger King has had robots working for hundreds of now. What is the difference is? They're artificial intelligence in its pizza making machine like what like a bean that makes. I don't think I can tell when when it's going to be perfect. Maybe I don't says another disappointing robot story. This is what I'm talking about. The robot take dance in jump yeah and Cook Pizzas at the Senate. Tell me or show pizzas in Kansas and council me. When I'm feeling low I mean that's the robot I'm not at this stupid thing that they've program to make pizza and squirts stuff out onto a conveyor belt but three hundred for an hour any yeah? It's basically the a Ford assembly line for Pizza's. It's been around for one hundred years so Danny is not excited by this. Why not I'm taking robot? That'd be easy to make but you're not gonNA taste the love and any of these things that's the thing is when robots make food. I'm imagining that the the feelings and emotions that humans putting their food you can taste and here you're just going to taste a cold darkness because there's no soul behind that food but I'm dyson heison hates Braga broke stories and I'm kind of starting to hate robots less stories yeah because they're all they're all Tyson nail that they're all click click bait from that fake like robot. This is just some what about body trying to say that Oh that the end is near robots. Why does robots are taking over GONNA kill everybody there? Are there are word robot videos but few and far between that Darpa video or Boston dynamic hamic video of that running gymnastics yeah that is a robot story or even the robot dog thing that Sticks Cutler Day work together to open doors and solve those are robot stories but those people are at the top of the robot game. This pizza place is probably is this guy on a bicycle and the wheel is hooked up to a conveyor belt just goes through a regular oven. Everyday took a picture like we're real robot thingy all right. What if Danny one of those Boston Dynamics robot dogs leapt up onto the conveyor belt and eating all the pizzas that were coming oughta property machine robots don't eat pizzas bro? Don't not yet no but in advance e yeah if I saw that Robert that would finally out dogs have reached they've so you're saying instead of having to be recharged. They just have to eat food like humans now. The dogs have this hunger for these pizzas. The pizza making machine is making the pizzas and what do we do to distract drag the dogs to get them off the Pizza Machine Tyson. We need the Bronx Zoo lady to come in and Taunt Comey me they have Komo location and then that's when everybody is like waiting for all right hit hit the dog with the Space John Cassini as soon as he gets off at pizza making robot and goes for the Bronx Zoo lady fire the space junk. I would send in ten robot Tyson's to rescue our yes from all these stories and yeah they're actually an army of robot. Tyson's could be very helpful especially when it comes like self sacrifice click click and they are programmed right off the bat to say for a forty year old. I am pretty athletic could feed them with whatever pizzas are left from that three hundred Pete's is an hour machine three hundred pieces in our the problem is they're not going to have that kind of customer. Demand peace can make three hundred hour but really only needed to make five or six six and that's if all the pieces are already prepped like this can like sprinkle the toppings on and stuff it can just cook them at three hundred. This is an hour if that pizzas are just being frisbee in there you know I saw an actual valuable robot of video the other day what it was is a trash rash can that drove itself to the curb on garbage. That's good. That's strong dump. Though do you don't want hundreds of thousands thousands of trash cans to the dump and then drive back to their house. What about a trash can drone? No you know what could you imagine every read for me. Tuesday Wednesday morning two thousands of diapers falling from the sky yeah so it more sites you like this idea 'cause you you can just then you can schedule your trash to go out to the curb. So you're on vacation. It doesn't matter this is really I think we need to take this idea and improve upon and then make it our own idea and talk to someone at the Slop terrarium to get this thing made Tyson what about if the robot machine pizza took machine could make pizza by the slice and then you wouldn't waste any pizza triangle better now I think I think I think you could do that makes a slice of pizza yet restless bread if it could do it like the jetsons machine where you just push a button Latin and it's just like what do you want and you're like just matter yeah then the slices were all frozen and then you order a slice and then it comes down and goes through conveyor belt. I mean yeah sure workshop thing this yeah I mean I think it's okay but is it really going to be better than famous. This race probably not yeah all right. Let's talk about this is a very interesting news story Classic News Af Tale about how a Michigan Billboard began playing a pornographic film over the weekend Danny the and nobody knows how it happened. It's always porn whenever something gets hacked and it's it has video capabilities. It's always fun to and you know what though it's probably because they randomize it but because the Internet is made up of ninety nine percent for graffiti that mostly always just just falls on polling goes down. We need to create like a Christian Hacker Group. They can play wholesome images when they hack something okay yeah. That's a good idea if I may I'd like to play the news report from the local W. N. E. M. News station which I believe is the CBS affiliate which covered this news story and the people that caught what was going on okay accident. That's because Dr Justin Campbell was distracted for for C. Did Dinner Saturday night. He was traveling on. I seventy five north near am fifty nine eastern Auburn hills across the billboard and something unusual saw two girls. You Know Porn Dr Justin Cammo there who is in where stories series adopt. I thought he was about to go into a description. I saw two girls one was in the shower was answering the door and there there is a video all they it'd be censored but as people were driving they were filming really just like a rubber necking trying to get like a video of being seen on the billboard this could have been deadly for me because whenever listen I why are watching movies and like a bubis or anything shows up she covers my eyes saw driving and she would have seen it and she would've covered my eyes and they've gotten real crazy. Real fast these people filming it are taking all the exact same kind of risk because when you film and you drive arrive you see you can really only choose one of those two things to focus on what I mean. That was a dangerous situation. Yeah very dangerous. Tyson talked to a guy later on in the article and he served in the news story. Let me just cue that up who seems upset but talk about what happens. They're still working to figure out how it all happened. Cammo wasn't the only driver Saturday noticed it kind of people will start at the break a lot right behind me because I think they were doing the same thing double take you don't see that every day okay well talked about and if he David like we we spoke to this man who has a digital billboard that he can see clearly from his backyard and he seemed upset but I couldn't have. He was upset that this never happened that the billboard that he could see from his house. Can you put in requests to hackers. Is that like we should create a hacker request site. We like if you're going to attack the billboard. Here's a good funny message. You could do this one's near my house. I wouldn't mind watching something interesting. I'm I'M GONNA guess throw this out there and employees did this and someone a billboard company. They did this..

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