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As the train went by. According to the history channel website, quote, for mile upon mile, men took off their hats and bowed their heads as the train passed. Women whispered prayers, choirs sang hymns through the dead of night bonfires alongside the tracks illuminated the way westward. And according to the Indiana historical bureau, quote, smaller towns located between stops erected arches over the tracks, told bells draped buildings in black and fired salutes. At night, citizens hung lanterns and lit torches. According to historian Robert M Reed, people aboard the train reported that even in normally deserted rural areas, the night sky was almost continuously lit by the lingering torches and bonfires of countless thousands. It was like a 19th century sad version of Burning Man, I assume. I've never gone to Burning Man because no thank you. If I want sand in my ass crack in an STI, I'll take a day trip to Coney Island. At least there, I can get a hot dog in a ride on the cyclone. Anyway, perhaps the extravagance was a result of the fact that Lincoln's death came at a time in this country when people had been besieged by death for decades. Between all the deadly infectious diseases that found great opportunity to spread in the expanding and super cramped cities and the Civil War nearly every American had lost at least a couple loved ones. Lincoln's death may have been the final crack that broke the nation's dam of grief. Once the train reached Indiana, the history channel website tells us, quote, even at 3 a.m., 12,000 people gathered in Richmond Indiana as the funeral train passed under a 25 foot high arch erected by its citizens. One woman dressed as the genius of liberty wept over a mock coffin, while a committee of ladies boarded the train to present a pair of floral wreaths. Again, I had to Google the genius of liberty and found out it is either an angel with a torch and a broken chain, not to mention its naughty bits on display, or a shock looking face in a funny hat with a Farrah Fawcett hairdo, making an expression that says, what did you just say to me? Maybe they go together, like maybe the shocked face is looking at the angels naughty bits? Anyway. The procession in Indiana had to be canceled due to heavy rains. And when the train got to Chicago and Lincoln's home state, it was met by thousands of citizens eager to pay their respects. A massive procession wound its way through the streets of Chicago, and at 6 p.m. at the Cook County courthouse, the coffin was opened for viewing. And by this time, of course, the inevitable march of decay had been soldiering on, and while Lincoln's appearance in New York was unsettling, roger J Norton writes that by Chicago, the discoloration of the president's corpse was full on distressing. The press, however, remained respectful and mostly dodged the issue of the state of Lincoln's decomposition. Finally, after a 1645 miles and 1 million people having viewed the president himself, along with millions more who watched as the train went through their small towns, the Lincoln funeral train reached Lincoln's hometown of Springfield, Illinois. After a brief touch up of Lincoln's face with some rouge by undertaker Thomas lynch, the doors opened for viewing at 10 a.m. on May 3rd. Hundreds of other mourners who were not there for the official viewing gathered at Lincoln's house where his horse, old bob, actual name, and I am definitely naming my next pet old bob, and his dog fido had apparently been brought in for the day, though why I really can't say. And on May 4th, 1865, Lincoln was brought in another long procession on a hearse, finished in gold, silver, and crystal to the oak ridge cemetery. After an hour long eulogy, Lincoln's coffin was placed on a marble slab inside the tomb with his son's small coffin beside him. The gate to the tomb was locked and Lincoln was finally put to rest. Three weeks after he'd died. In his book, Lincoln's body, a cultural history, historian and author Richard whiteman Fox wrote, quote, by and large, the funeral train experience and Lincoln's posthumous image knitted northern white Democrats and Republicans together, and even offered northern African Americans some protected access to public life at a time of great danger for them. In other words, it was a pretty important moment in our nation's history and served however briefly to bring us together, no matter how weird or how long a funeral, it unravel them too. Lincoln may have finally been at rest, but the legend of his funeral train was just beginning to stir. Strangers, hungry root is back. I love hungry root. It's like a meal and grocery box in one. 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