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To joe walsh radio show today i'm dismantling an article written by somebody who knows nothing about what he's talking about the article is seven reasons why stocks are better than real estate and some shawn lane golias or something like that i don't know guys marketwatch article and somebody sent it to me sean yeah so i'm picking on some guy don't even know but the bottom line is if you read material you can tell he doesn't know what we do at all has no idea at all and he has no idea how to be rich if he's regs because you can't be rich saying tells me he can't be rich is no way he could be rich i mean he's talking about things in such an ignorant manner all he can do is make money save money make money save money because he's not making any money investing what he's sitting this thing up the next reason he says number six reason is because real estate earth stocks are safe for the real estate when the market starts to go down you can get out of stocks easier that's absolutely alive here's the way i want you to see it i want you to envision this i want you envision that you're standing there owning stocks and the guy's got a gun to your head and he says the stock market's going to go down today three hundred five hundred points you're at work can you get out no you're not gonna be able to get out in the middle but three or four or five hundred point drop you take to take the gun and shoots a bullet at you and you're dead you can't get out of the way of something that moves that quickly the stock market moves berry rapidly now let's take real estate let's say somebody says okay interest rates are starting to go up that means there's gonna be some point where the cost of real estate with the interest rates involved is going to not allow the price of real estate to go up anymore if they start tightening up the lending requirements or they let the lender requirements gift to loosen people start defaulting on loans over a long period of time you can see that there's going to be the loosening of the market where it becomes unsafe there's a bubble people paying way too much real estate i want you to think about that as being a train on the tracks and the guy standing there with you going look at trains coming and it's going to run you down there's no doubt about it it's going to run you down and you go no it's not i'm just saying step off the tracks you can come in and you can see that traded coming and when we had the real estate drop in two thousand eight two thousand nine the only people lost any money we're the people that didn't know what they were doing they paid way too much for the stuff they bought there were speculative buyers in the market to buy and flip type stop that's what they were doing they're stuck with this stuff it was people who lost their jobs couldn't pay the payments on the real estate they bought which they should because they couldn't afford to pay it you know if you can't afford to pay for your real estate i'm talking about what you live in even if you don't have a job for six months to year then you get to expensive a piece of real estate you're living in and so these people they they lost this money over a couple year period of time because ignorant decisions where they didn't listen for the train coming down the tracks during that very time when everybody else losing money we were making a killing probably the most profitable two years i've ever had in my entire life was two thousand nine two thousand ten just golly gosh great investing and everybody else to say well oh my god real estate is taken us all down no it took you down right so think about that would you rather have a gun to your head as a threat or a train down the tracks is a threat i would suggest the train is what i'll take every day that thing waking up tomorrow and having by noon to stocks go down five hundred points i can't live that way i'm too old i could have a heart attack in that kind of stuff i don't know how you keep from when you.

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