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U.S. House committee investigating last year's January 6th riot at the U.S. capitol which took a closer look at a number of themes we heard in the weeks leading up to what happened The former campaign chief for president Donald Trump Bill stepien told the committee he tried to get the president to accept the possibility he lost the 2020 election President's mind was made up and you understand how many times to go to the well on a particular topic ABC's Karen Travers and Erin kurtzke were listening into the hearing The former U.S. attorney for the northern district of Georgia said he was asked by bar on December 4th to look into Rudy Giuliani's claim of a suitcase full of ballots in Georgia that were counted multiple times He said the suitcase was actually a lockbox where ballots were kept and the claim was false Al Schmidt former city commissioner in Philadelphia said there was no evidence of 8000 dead voters casting ballots in the city as Giuliani claimed ABC News White House correspondent Karen Travers is with us Karen we heard these claims over and over at the time Yeah and you mentioned the no evidence of 8000 dead voters voting in Pennsylvania Auschwitz said there wasn't even evidence of 8 of them voting And I think this post recess part of today's second hearing was pretty straightforward It was very methodical as you put it You heard from the official who was the U.S. attorney in the northern district of Georgia saying that he was asked to find out what he could They didn't find anything There was no evidence of any fraud You heard the official from Philadelphia the former Republican city commissioner who oversaw the election asked about investigating claims There weren't any And then you heard from a very prominent Republican election lawyer who took it then to the court side of this So first you have the election officials who say okay we're going to look into this No fraud there Well then the Trump campaign and the Trump inner circle tried to push this through court And we saw over the course of those many weeks case after case after case they kept losing in court And kept getting really brutally rejected by judge after judge who was saying they had no case to be made And Ben Ginsberg this Republican election lawyer who worked with the Bush campaign back on that Florida recount in 2000 I mean he's somebody who is widely respected He said the reason they failed to convince any court is because they didn't have a case The election in 2020 was not close Back in 2000 he said that was 537 votes It was close You're talking about a narrow margin here of 10,000 They couldn't have made up the sorts of numbers in any recounts that maybe would have made this slightly closer to the point of changing the election results He said the simple fact is that Trump campaign did not make its case So I thought that was a pretty effective sort of one two punch there of the election official side we looked there was no fraud and then the election lawyer side of well you can try your case nobody's gonna stop you from trying to bring it before a judge and they did and they were roundly rejected Karen Travers our White House correspondent That's ABC's Erin couture skip stay with northwest news radio for the very latest as the committee investigating the events of January 6th continues to hold hearings Their next session is set for Wednesday morning Despite legal challenges ahead the British prime minister stands by his plan of sending some illegal immigrants to Rwanda Please are your world headlines from ABC News Attempting to stem the tide of illegal migrants coming across the English Channel from France Boris Johnson says what we're trying to do is stop the business model of criminal gangs who are preying on people moving them across the channel in unseaworthy vessels risking their lives Britain's Home Secretary says the vast majority of those who arrive in the UK through means deemed to be illegal will be considered for relocation to Rwanda Meanwhile the number of detected illegal entries into the European Union in the first 5 months of 2022 was more than 86,000 or 82% more than in the same period in 2021 And Philippine officials warned that people can face arrest if they defy a presidential order to wear face masks in public to protect against the coronavirus I'm Tom rivers at the ABC News foreign desk and London Your stock charts dot com money update on northwest news radio With stocks selling off sharply for a third straight session the S&P 500 is now officially in a bear market Down more than 20% from its all time high back in early January Today the S&P tumbled 151 points or 3.9% while the downed us you'll skidded 876 and the tech heavy NASDAQ composite cratered 530 or 4.7% Meanwhile the yield on the benchmark ten year treasury notes shot up to 3.35% All of this as investors await a two day meeting of Federal Reserve policy makers and word on whether the fed will raise target interest rates by a half point or three quarters of a point Among big name tech issues Tesla said fell 7% today Amazon.com down 5 and a half percent So that's your money now It was the dog's day in duck country Bill Schwartz with the story of three runners who put their names in the University of Washington history books Until the Olympics track and field is often overshadowed by many other sports but the 2022 men's 1500 meter finals in Eugene Oregon caught our attention Last Friday most at fabled Hayward field focused on the favorite Mario Garcia Romo is very comfortable with the slow pace But three University of Washington athletes had a plan and earlier success in the PAC 12 championships at Hayward field The first three laps of the NCAA finals had a slow pace just what the UW runners had hoped for As.

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