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Three catches ninety six yards score. Mike evans. Ten catches eighty three yards and a score Curtis Godwin. Five catches fifty six yards and a touchdown four different receivers catching the touchdowns for Tampa Bay. Nick foles the eagles three hundred thirty four yards and a score Zakar. Eleven catches ninety four yards Nelson. Aguilar catches eighty eight yards and a touchdown Tampa Bay now to and now after a twenty seven twenty one win Philadelphia is one and one Broncos get a win over the raiders by account of twenty two nineteen. How what happened in Pittsburgh, Kansas City? Chiefs flat out outscored the Pittsburgh Steelers. Forty two to thirty seven the young gun from Texas Tech, Patrick Mahomes, Twenty-three of Twenty-eight passing Casey three hundred twenty six yards. Six touchdowns. No interceptions. Phenomenal. Unreal. How about some of these receiving numbers? Travis Kelsey seven for one zero nine two touchdowns. Tyreek hill five for ninety a touchdown. Sammy Watkins six for one hundred chiefs had five different receivers. Catch touchdown passes. Kelsey as we mentioned had two big day for Mahomes in the chiefs for now to Pittsburgh is full into Miami. Twenty. The jets twelve Ryan tannehill seventeen of twenty three one hundred sixty eight yards. Two touchdowns Kenyan Drake. Fifty three yards rushing in his score. Sam darnold and losing cause for the jets through for three thirty four with a touchdown in toothpicks. Powell rushed for only six yards, but he caught five passes for seventy four yards.

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