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Sunday west virginia senator joe manchin rejected the president's claim that democrats are obstructionist on healthcare issues worked with us democrats who are willing to meet you in the middle who've always been willing to meet you in the metal all on board were killed when assess now went down in northern wisconsin yesterday reporter bruce s has more six people were killed when their plane wang crashed in a rural area near the town of harmony there were no survivors the victims were heading from chicago the canada on a fishing trip the national transportation safety board reports there was communication between the pilot and air traffic controllers about the weather shortly before the plane went down but the exact cause the accident is still not clear bruce mark is for cbs news eagle river was johnson a twenty eight year old pennsylvania man turned himself in early today is a thority search for the person who shot and killed two recent high school graduate in a road rage incident david desperate is being held without bond chester county district attorney tom hogan the exact same thing that all of us do every day you probably did on the way here merging safely into elaine this defendant wasn't happy with the way it was going so he pulled out a gun and killed as young woman desperate charged with firstdegree murder and several other offenses eight people were wounded in a shooting outside a mosque in the town of adding y'all france police believe it's a case of settling scores not a case.

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