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This is from a guy named Chris. Dinner requests at Grandma's. Can I have a pancake grandma. What did you dad say? He said. No Granma I'll make you three pancakes for dinner. There's there's something between from what I haven't experienced that yet between grandparents and grandchildren and the common enemy is what it is there. There's there's a bond there I think I think this is going to be my husband. Who has these ridiculous like frontier expectations for the kids? I predict that with the grandkids. We'll play fun games like like try to set the couch on fire. Who can eat all the marshmallows? The fastest combine. No I know I know my i. I have a friend Charlie who had a grandchild not long ago and the grandchild. Now is Let's see four five years old and his parents that said When when GRANDPA takes you out you're gonNA take you to McDonald's don't ask to go anywhere else and don't ask for something? Charlie said I put him in the car seat. I started backing out. And he said GRANDPA you. Yeah can we go to the toy store and the answer is he took him. It took him Let me see if I can find another one here. Nothing on the kitchen table. Nothing on a living room floor floor. Nothing on the coffee table. Nothing on the dining room table. seven-year-old builds two thousand piece Lego said at the bottom of the stairs. But but you know in the in the defense. What choice did he have right? I was just quickly aimlessly tidying up my house and about five five minutes in. I realized I was walking around carrying a potato. I don't know which room I picked the potato up in. I just know it was not the kitchen She found the potato in the closet. Where my kids throw everything you said that yes found a petrified rock-hard orange. Yeah that's exactly Lee Right. They think if they just throw it somewhere stash it away. There's a magical fairy who comes and gets these things that every space. That's dark is the Bermuda Triangle. Yeah that's right. So what the best troth control. What happened to my washing machine with my kids food taste species would be gone Jennifer? Thank you so much for listening to the BOB and Sheri podcast. And the Bob and Sheri odd cast. We would love if you subscribe rate and review and share it with a friend on facebook twitter. Her instagram wherever you go and thank you again for listening..

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