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President trump and the first lady on air force one and heading to paris the president traveling here after accepting an invitation from french president emmanuel macron to attend a minute tree parade on friday day by steel day fronts his national day it's also a hundred years since the us entered world will one but before the parade talks the leaders expects to focus on syria and counter terrorism and president macro is laying on the luxury including a dinner thursday evening reportedly blue lobster and caviar a served at a restaurant partway up the eiffel tower boxes simon owen in paris it was one year ago on this deal day that a truck driving terrorists mowed down people on a crowded prominent inese killing dozens the president telling reporters as he left we're doing great against isis earlier the president busy giving interviews telling reuters he had no idea his eldest son net with the russian lawyer last june only learned about it a couple of days ago and did not fall donald trump jr for holding that meeting saying many people would have in an interview with pat robertson host of the 700 club on cbn he again said vladimir putin denied interfering in the us election insisting the russian leader wanted hillary clinton to win he would like hillary was your said windmills he would much rather have that because energy prices will go up and russia as you know relies on energy sales brother are many things that i do that are the exact opposite of what he would want confirmation hearings today for christopher ray the president's pick to replace fired fbi director james comey while loyalty is to the constitution to the rule of law into the mission of the fbi fox news.

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