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Big bang continued, you know, but just when you thought it was safe to get into space, Dirk energy comes the bigger bang. Yeah. Both of them are expansions of space. We think they're probably related, but we don't really know how or why do you can't do the same thing? But who knows why would take an app for five billion years? What were you doing? To build for that time. Yeah. Exactly. And they're big consequences for the fact that it's not just pushing things through space. But actually, creating new space we start as a podcast asking like what is gonna happen to the university end. And yeah, it has for like what's going to happen to the universe? Yeah. Because it's creating new space, which means it's affecting is aiding the speed limit of the universe. The speed of light. Right. Nothing in the universe can move through space faster than the speed of light. Right. That's a hard and fast limit. And so these galaxies can't move through space away from us faster than the speed of light. There's no limit on. How fast you can create new space as a new space is being created between us these other galaxies faster than light can go through it take. If I was trying to get to you done at Irvine, and I can only go seventy miles per hour on the highway, you know, nominally you'd be lucky. Private. Let's say I was using the carpool lane. All right and. Let's say that Newland was being created between me faster than seventy miles per hour. I would never get to you just.

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