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To brain and Brown of the wolverine that come just the other day, I think, on Sunday tight end Matt few Hefner from Burke, Virginia six four to twenty eight three star committed to the wolverines. He's there number ten commitment in this class of two thousand twenty to give us a scouting report. Brandon your thoughts on hitter. Yeah. I mean, it's, it's interesting how this kind of all developed, he just picked his offer up, I think nine days before he committed. So obviously, this was a pretty quick moving recruitment. And it's easy to understand because when he played last fall, he was only about one hundred ninety pounds. So he's put on, you know, almost forty pounds since since he finished his junior year junior year junior season of football just really got after in the weight room. It's not listen, dietitians, and nutritionists and bulked up was on a really high calorie diet at the weights really hard. And he's up to. About. Yeah. Almost two thirty now. So that'll that'll change recruitment in a in a pretty big way. I mean when you go watch a game and you see a tight end or receiver or D N, and he's six four one ninety okay pretty good. You know, good athlete nice player and then you come back and you watch them again. And now he's six four to thirty that changes things quite a bit. Really good athlete had outstanding showing at the rivals camp in Washington DC. I'm really bummed out. I was at that camp. But he didn't have a Michigan offer. So I really didn't even pay attention to them. There were a lot of kids there with some Michigan interests. So had plenty of other stuff to take a look at. But once I found out he did really well at the DC camp. I was kind of bummed I wasn't paying attention to that position group but was was billed as the best tight end in attendance. That day there's a little clip that rivals threw up from him yesterday, about thirty or forty seconds long, again, shorts and tee shirts. But the way moves the way he catches the ball away from his body, his size athleticism at two thirty he was he was losing guys. I mean running by guys. You know, a lot of lot of misdirection with his shoulders and his head on his on his routes, really creating a lot of separation. And then when when guys tried to bully him. He was just too big, and too strong to now at two hundred thirty pounds. So from all things on the surface right now I haven't seen him in person. So I, I can't give a real solid firsthand observation of what I saw, but in watching the clip watching his highlights and then talking to some people who have coached him, including his head coach and some people close to it. It's a good pickup. I mean, he's, you know, he's not listed nationally in terms of position, rakings anita's just three star, but I suspect he will get a long hard, look at where he kind of fits in the, the big tight end picture in the country because of how developed physically, and of course now that he's committed to Michigan. There's going to be some more eyeballs on them. Yeah. Where does he fit into? I mean that's what we're looking at nationally. Where does he fit into the picture for Michigan at the tight end position? Yeah. So Michigan, obviously has a commitment in place still from Nick Patterson. The three sorry to San Antonio. San Antonio Christian, the younger brother of shape. Patterson we talked about him last week or the week before but he's been looking around a little bit. He committed way before Josh Gaddis was hired. So there's kind of thought now that his days, a Michigan commit are probably numbered haven't got that directly from Patterson himself. But I know people that are in the area down there in San Antonio. No for affect that. He's looking around and not really trying to hide it, but also not not doing it because of anything that he's super unhappy about with Michigan. But you know when there's a change in offense and philosophy that affects those kinds of things. So he was looking around a little bit. Michigan is still recruiting field Johnson really hard. The four star tight end out of Windsor Ontario. He was just on campus over the weekend. Had a really good showing did a workout for coach thrown more. So he's he's he's targeting. Number one on the board, even with hip and the fold even with Paterson in the fold even with Joel Royer still kind of being on the radar although Royer three star tight end out of Ohio, just picked up an Ohio State offer kind of going back to our, our first discussion. He's got an Ohio State offer now. So that might be kind of a moot point at this point. But the Johnson target number one met Hefner in the fold solid not looking around late developing, so I don't think anything's going to change for him moving forward in kind of a wait and see with with Patterson. You know, when obviously Josh Gazza's, inheriting Nick Eubanks, Sean mccune, Mustafa Muhammad Luke's, June maker, and Eric all. And now here's Hefner, who's the first tight end that they offer since he's become offensive coordinator. Do we know what a tight end is gonna supposed to look like any Josh status offense? A little more fleet of foot a little more of a passing a pass catching threat than a true in line blocker both of these, I mean, even Patterson is not. I mean he's smaller than smaller than hip. I think he's listed at six three to twenty or two fifteen. Maybe even so he could be different from that. But at this point, but, but point is he's not six to fifty five someone you're gonna stick on the end of the line of scrimmage and have him seal, you know, big defensive ends and stuff like that. They want guys that are fleet of foot can take a big reach step, get out on the edge, and seal from the outside to, to work the speed and space, you know, sideline to sideline all parts of the field and be a threat down the seam in in the in the passing game. So as much more important for these guys go to block in space than it is to block and traditional tight end. You know, you're on the line. You've got your heating on the ground type of thing. I think so I mean that's never going to go away completely tight ends in Jim Harbaugh head coach that and I just think it's you have to be able to do it. I mean you have to be able to do that because there's going to be times where you want to run the ball. And you've got to have a tight end that you can count on. I mean, they don't have to be like I just said, they don't have to be to sixty and you know, run not able to run sub five forties or something. But I think we're going to see a slight change in how these guys are used. And maybe how they how they look and how they're built. I mean you look at guys like Nick Eubanks, and Sean McEwen. They're, they're pretty big dudes. I mean Sean mcewen's north of two fifty I'd be shocked. If Nick Eubanks wasn't as well hidden or might be by the time he gets out of high school. I mean he put on forty pounds last year. He's already up to two thirty with a full year of high school the goal, but Eric, all is a little thinner. You know, more than athletic jumbo receiver tight end type. So, yeah, it looks like it's shifting just a little bit. But if you can't block it all, I don't think the coaches are going. To be interested. You've got to be able to do that, but then also be an athlete at the same time. How important is it for Michigan? The recruiting strategy obviously they want guys that fit Josh Gaddis is offense but there's a little bit of, maybe you don't want to overreact, too much because there's there is kind of a feeling out there that have Josh Gad is a successful after two or three years that he's going to position himself to become a head coach. And if you're recruiting two thousand twenty and two hundred twenty one tight ends and wide receivers and all these things for his offense and all of a sudden he leaves. You. I mean, are do you go out there and hire another guy like Josh Gad award is that I mean, how much does that impact anytime that you got position coaches coming and going. Just I just don't think you can recruit on what if I just I just don't think that's I don't think that's a smart approach. You don't know how it's going to play out, you don't we don't even know if what Gaddis is doing going to work yet. So I mean like to start saying we're not gonna quite recruit to assist him because he might leave or I just don't think you can do that. You recruit the best players you can possibly recruit all the time. I don't I don't think it matters. I think you in speed translates, if you recruit for speed and space right now and maybe you get a new offense coordinator, and a couple of years. Well fast guys are still fast. That's not a problem like that. Something you can work with. I just don't think you can look at it like that. I think Michigan's gonna always recruit guys that they, they want that are fits on the field off the field. I mean that's something that's, that's not just lip service. I mean, you talk to these kids, I talked to these kids. I mean hip nerve when you look at his offer list, he's got most of the Ivy league. Princeton Harvard, Yale. Dartmouth. He's got, like a four point three adjusted GPA, over fourteen hundred on T Lake Michigan. Goes after a certain kind of kid, so it's got check a lot of boxes. And again, if, if you've got an athletic tight end, who maybe isn't quite as big or you've got some receivers that are really fast, but they're not quite as tall like meals guys can still play like they can play just about any system fast as fast athletic athletic. So those are the kind of guys that in most cases you can fit to play, just about any system. I know we've, we've seen that not work out so well in the past at Michigan, but I just don't think you can tailor how you recruit based on. We'll maybe in two years. Things might look a little different. The games always changing philosophies are changing the teams in the. You know, your opponents. I mean, there's just too many moving parts to change how you recruit based on some of those things that might happen in three years are.

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