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Sorry Ginny always sorry your sorry when you've got all my close to the mosque and fly out you put white paper on the chair because I said I want to read you just stick around yeah I was green in the candy because they would now it's too late well be fired in the morning and all other kinda you good night or both we don't ever speak to me again good night Jane good night during how all that well I'm at the office gotten all my things together so when Richard comes back and fires made won't take me long to make an exit although I refused to speak to our arms followed me to the office she's sitting here looking like a Cocker spaniel who's just chewed up the rug here I mean I'm sorry will you ever forgive me Peter is the thing where's Mr Rhinelander well he eat you see Mister tax man Mr Reid letters in Nebraska but but he thought I know how he thought he thinks everybody yes but everybody bought but he was the only one who sold already made up for June you may it was a lucky day for me when I went to the Rhinelander investment company where I'll see him later I'm off to trade in my young who knows I may even to go she did for the cream any I've made a killing goodbye arma I'm.

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