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We have the proper person today it and it was amazing. But I kind of like made a road for my own back because it meant for that whole kind of like year of the album. Every time you know, I with a, we'd have to have like an hour of statics before I did the makeup, but but it was great. I mean, it's an interesting process like, how does that sort of collaborative process work? I mean, I'm very different depending on who the different people out, but it kind of general dynamic between yourself. You know, design a photographer like how does the tame what someone give you type breif? Is there a lot of interaction between you and the other kind of members of creative team? I guess I'll taste make Make apologies. apologies. It's all about teamwork, but you know, it can either be, you know, a talk a month before with lots of preparation between you the designer, the stylist, the fashion director, maybe the head dresser or else it's night before. I mean, like sometimes if I'm doing say, say it's Vivienne Westwood show, you know, I will mate with her and Andrea's on some marine the night before the show. We'll talk through what the looks to be. And then I'm probably doing seven o'clock the next day, you know, showing my team, what we're going to do and just getting on with it. And you know, sometimes you can be completely prepared and sometimes you've gotta make up as you go along. There was one time that I worked with Vivian, and I've worked with Vivienne Westwood for many, many years. And usually I will go to the studio and I'm always expecting the unexpected. 'cause I never quite know what's going to be going on anyway. This particular day I won't in. I went up to Vienna. I said, okay, so high. Vivian Siwa. What's our muse this season. I, you know, like, what are we doing? Who's our women? And she just looked at me. And she said. Horses. And I said, yeah, yet. Okay. And she'd she'd gone. She it walked away. So she only said one word hoses. So then I went back to my team and psalms there. And I said, Siam what she say to you and he had this host of spiel about, you know what? I was going to be lie. They travelers. It was like a festival. I said, what you just said, hostess, I what she means. And so then I got the lovely, Joey. I said, right, let's get that's conquer goal. Let's look at hoses. Let's make story. We gotta make a story of this. So we started looking at the pilots of the animal and I said, okay, this is going to be our story. We're going to be working in black and white, and we're just going to do like the markings that you'll see on separa- a host is and that's what we did for the show. But you know, sometimes. Happy with a. She's talking with later on. I think it's like two or three days later. She said to be to foul, she said, I have to say the hostess show is one of my favorite make-up's you've ever done and all. I love it. She just sort of announced. And then that was it like. Vow calling this speaking to Jamie waters vows book validated. The make up a vow. Gaulan is out now and you a with the Monka weekly. And it four hundred

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