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And then you've got a bunch of people on capitol hill. They're not even ready to risk their job for their country. And i find that really upsetting demoralizing. What accounts for this change. I mean why would it not hurt their careers anymore to sacrifice. Us national security is seems like that should be a very big deal. If you're an elected official who has sworn a constitutional oath to protect the united states. The story of liz. Cheney kind of tells you everything she has lost her position in the republican party because she is worth swearing her oath to the constitution. It says it all. I mean it just feels like as andrea was saying. We've been hijacked from within. I mean we know that this happened with trump but in the beginning at least if felt like imposition from above it was one that republicans at least initially were resisting the partnership mccain and lindsey graham in the beginning opening the investigation into the coordination of trump and russia as the years went by That became hardened then became normalized. And you know there are a number of people to blame your you know. One of course is the republican party itself in their consistent involvement in these dirty politics in these treasonous politics but there's also been a lack of pushback from the democrats to just call this out in the most straightforward terms to treat it like a crisis. Like i often heard and i live in missouri. So-called red state a feeling of disbelief from people in my state that russia actually had this much influence over our politics. They would say to me if that were true. People would be arrested. Or there'd be impeachment hearings early or they kick those people out of office or the democrats would be giving speeches or obama would say something or so on and so forth like what do you think of that of the You know of the positions people have taken the reaction to this kind of sort of internal invasion of our body politic or the lack of reaction. Well i grew up in america and Left thirty years ago to move to the uk. And i've been living in the uk for thirty years. It doesn't look like the same country that i lived in thirty years ago as the feels like how about in the uk because they experienced a similar problem with brexit the same year with a lot of the same players behind it like have you noticed that kind of change on the ground there. Brexit is over. And it's it's much less of a culture war here than it is in america. It was really very ugly during brexit in people. Don't even like talk to each other. If if you're on one side or the other but it doesn't serve a delphi. You one way or another with being pro brexit. I mean there. There're pro brexit labor. There was pro brexit conservatives and there's anti brexit labor and anti brexit conservatives and so it was all it they don't have the same type of the same type of it wasn't mask whereas versus those. You don't wear masks. Nobody was laying out on party lines on on cultural lines on whatever lines and so and you don't have to tiptoe around the issue doesn't you know no one's gonna get mad at you if you were against it or for it and you can still have the same people over for dinner now and it's it's okay whereas in america. It doesn't feel like that. Do you think that their pastas money. Abramovich roman abramovich the owner of chelsea in a russian oligarch who is reportedly like a like a son. Who do you think that their money has influenced the uk's position on holding kremlin aggression accountable. Certainly with all the assassination that have happened on british soil by the russians. Like jimmy thoughts on that. So there is a major major problem here of dirty russian money corrupting the political process directly here so much so that they did a russia investigation here where they've gathered evidence and it's remarkable. I mean i. I participated in contributed to the investigation and we found members of the house of lords which is like the equivalent of the. Us senate is the upper chamber of parliament. Were being paid. Money openly out in the open by russians to lobby against magnitsky sanctions. It's and nobody's going to jail. Nobody has been even lost their position. It just happened and In a certain way. Russia has because of oligarchs spreading their money around here and politicians here much cheaper to buy. I'm sure that the more expensive in america the russians have have really firmly gotten in here and and I mean check this out. Alexander lebed who is a A former kgb officer his son a billionaire and former kgb officers is son came to the uk became a british citizen and was elevated to the house of lords is now lord lebedev of siberia. Wow so it seems like london. Grad has a much larger problem in terms of kremlin dark money than the. Us has currently dirk money sets right. Sorry you're right. Yes so you use that word dark money. Yes absolutely nic. I believe now has his name on the tate. His name and all sorts of stuff. He's his. There's the balat next school of government at oxford sums. It up perfectly. doesn't it. Well he used to have it on the kleptocracy initiative and anti kleptocracy group until they had to remove it when they realized that he kleptocrat was funding their activity. But anyway you to go. But how much influence do these russian oligarchs have of the. There's a so essentially putin's court of olive garden so these guys may live abroad but putin keeps close track them. He's he's close with them. How much influence do they really have. Like how concerned should we be. Well i think that the oligarchy Key fundamental connection between putin and his money. They're the ones who hold his money for him. And so therefore they're the key to everything and the and at the same time they're also that people who do a lot of his reform policy in terms of corrupting systems and so on in less the us and the european union the uk. Seriously up there. A game in terms of containing hooton a lot. More really bad stuff is going to happen. It may make the things that we've already witnessed appear to be small potatoes and in terms of the types of crises and and problems. We have in the future and so we need to employ a policy of hardcore containment like we did during the cold war if.

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