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They said that both subjects were acting and talking aggressively the female punch. The may only arm and took the phone tried to get into the locker vehicle which she was unable to do that. She finally got in through. The driver's seat climbed over the mail and got into the passenger seat and then drove away now. Police initiated the traffic. Stop in this is the body cam footage that we're all talking about but the weird thing i found in the body did you guys watch the entire body footage stuff or at least a portion of it to forty five minutes of it. I skipped around a little bit. Just kind of to scrubbed around as to what i thought were important. Parts like right ryan view parts. Yeah so so in the in that dash cam her body cam footage rather they state that the nine one one caller said that the female was striking the mail and that the caller couldn't differentiate if the mail was trying to defend himself or was actually striking the female in. That's not if you listened to the nine one one call. It's not even remotely. What the nine. One one call is now. I get nine one. One calls rarely get solid information to the people that are responding to it. Typically right but that's kind of a big missed thing there my wrong no no no not at all and i mean even in the video it shows like they both have marks on them phrase got marks on his neck and he definitely yeah right yeah so she. I saw somebody. Somebody pointed out that. She's got like a bruise kind of like where her like. Honored sheikh up yet lines up a little bit with what she says. Which is he grabbed her by the face to try and cover away so so so anyway the police catch up with the couple in the van which turn out of course be gabby and brian gaby's hysterically crying somewhat. Calm but kind of weird acting i. I don't know when i watched this footage. It seemed like they were both on something to me. I don't know if i was just you know. I had no information on anything that was going on. Yeah especially brian bryan. Looks like he's definitely chill like he's you know something i mean you know. They are out in the wilderness. So maybe maybe they were doing something but yeah no. I agree with you so anyway to break it down real short a the cops originally get to the plan to charge gabby and because for whatever reason they determine i think it's because of the m- the marks brian he does have a lot of scratches on his neck in his face and everything else and then the nine one one caller in the witness that they called said that the the female was so. I don't know it's a lot of messed up information with this nine. Won't one call in this entire incident but the original plan was to charge her and separate them for the night. They understood that they were living out of a van way. Far away from any family friends anything so they ask gabby in the police thing if if she had any intention to harm right can remember how they they said to inflict or impair brian when she was striking them to what she said. No so then. The plan changes to. They're still going to get separated. But nobody's gonna get charged so brian. It's a hotel room for being a victim of a domestic incident and gabby gets the keys to the van and gets to be free for the night and this is really the last we see or hear from them right..

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