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Police precinct during that third night of demonstrations over the death of George Floyd president trump threatened to activate the military calling the mayor a week in the protesters dogs Twitter flag his tweet for glorifying violence president is responding today dozens of protesters were arrested in Union Square is anger over George Floyd's death spreads to New York CBS news with your run down straight ahead mayor Blasio says the city will start phase one re opening it next month three face masks will be handed out to any business that needs them west Chester says it's set to step into phase two in the ninth of June cloudy and muggy seventy five degrees in Manhattan right now W. CBS news time eleven thirty one on Friday morning CBS news update destruction in Minneapolis after fires and looting by protesters mayor Jacob Frye led a police precinct burn the symbolism of the building I cannot outweigh the importance of life of our officers or the public we could not risk serious injury to anyone CBS's Jeff brigades law enforcement presence that has now been brought in to calm the tension which it appears at this time to have done however there is still a lot of cleanup to be done to see C. N. N.'s Omar Jimenez felt the police presence during a live report he and his crew were arrested that gave me a little bit of comfort knowing what you guys saw what was happening I was living what was happening and the country was seeing what was happening unfolds in real time the White House double down on president trump's tweet calling protesters thugs Twitter said it promoted violence CBS news update I'm Steve K. for the protesters were out in the street here in New York City as well last night and Marla diamond continues our coverage prostration over Tel Aviv thousands George Floyd and Eric garner whose mother Gwen Carr is speaking out in two weeks demonstrator spat on officers through orange traffic cones full bottles and metal garbage cans at them two officers suffered concussions chief of police Terence Monahan told pics eleven news an inspector was also injured you sold everything back in the room he was going to the ground so back to once in the face lose all right we also had to take the gun away most of the arrests were made when protesters blocked traffic in lower Manhattan in Union Square Marla diamond WCBS newsradio eight eighty eleven thirty three at W. C. B. S. in New York City is ready to take a step into a phase.

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