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All right so we're back okay. So we decided to or actually before we get into what we're gonna talk about a little bit today We had some very very sad news within the empire this week. Former niner tight end. Greg clark has passed away From what i've been able to discover it was a suicide streaming sad man. I it's so sad like i remember greg clark. You know. I remember the two sounds. He had against the walkers in the playoff game and ninety eight. Ninety nine depending on how you look at it but definitely sad to see and Don't want please people you know if you ever feeling down playing. Let's say hit me up because you know who am i but find somebody because you know probably simplest way this was put to me and you know we'll get off the subject after this is that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem so i don't know what mr carcass going through. How am i going to say that when he was going to temporary. But you know. I really wish that didn't happen. And that really sucks but as always an awkward transition from real life news to to football but i aside we'll go ahead and i'm kinda just giving give my thoughts on where the twenty nineteen niners rank amongst teams throughout nine or history. That didn't win the super bowl and you know i. It's ultimately year year to say okay. Well look at the two teams. That didn't win the super bowl. Twenty twelve and two thousand nineteen wishing was better on paper. I'm out to give it to the twenty twelve team. Just because oh will they do it this way. Let's break it down Position group opposition group. Okay so obviously if we go defense twenty twelve versus twenty nineteen. I mean you you gotta start with the d. lie and you know all the smith justin smith you know braille franklin rarely pringle was team is acceptable ouaga. You know it's it's hard to compare because you know then we are three four defense and our four three defense so it. It's you know the d. lines were a little different but yeah you might be able to look at strictly numbers. I wanna look at it. Strictly numbers I wanna get you know player. Basis like okay. Hey who had the more talent. And i have to give to twenty twelve like. It's very hard because it's like okay. You had nick both I mean talent. Wise that by one of the best talented allies dider history. Just 'cause deforest buckner air armstead. You know. Nick boasts a and d ford. All first round picks for believe so is very difficult to look at the g. Line and and compare it to that but i mean i just i have to get the twenty twelve because all the smith like that was probably prime older smith. Both i believe is the overall better all around better player like all. This smith was just freak of nature. And it wasn't until i went and did a little research and watch a little highlights is out of twenty seven over again just really realized like while all was played a part time role and have fourteen year by. That's crazy to think it. A part time roles somebody got fourteen sacks you know nick bosa playing every game got nine now. I understand that you know you can't always go by numbers. But i take if you if you could tell me you can get arguments smith with his head on straight or nick bosa stinking. All in smith like i. I'm sorry i would love to have either. But i think i'm gonna take golden smith and if you'll get here like i said if you're looking at here pass rush peer pressure. I'm taking on the smith Just because i feel that. I feel that he's just better passer but if i'm looking around by every greed down player although it become that his second year i'm significant just because i feel that nick boast is better than the run game you know. There's a better overall player. But on smith is a better pass rush at injustice smith. I'm sorry yeah. Ford you know deforest buckner. But i'm not taking any of those players over the cowboy cowboy tonight love So i'm i'm sorry. I've been taking justice smith over everybody and then so i mean would you take you know dj jones. I guess we'll be the closest. We have the nose tackle now so you. Dj jones or isaac soap water. I guess you could say i take. Dj over over this. Oh man you know. But honestly i. I'm gonna give it the twenty twelve just because i think the tandem of other smith adjusted smith. You know the smith brothers. I'm sorry i just don't think that the niners twenty nine thousand nine hundred anything quite to that level They had a overall defensive dominant defensive wine but twenty twelve i. It was pretty much all smith injustice. You know brooks did his thing you know but navarre would blitz but that that was ultimately and i'm sorry that might be the best deal just as far as working off each other and everything that that i may have. I have ever seen maybe besides. Py and dana stubblefield so linebackers. I mean come on. I if not even close you gotta go twenty twelve. I'm patrick was to devolve. Did their prize look. I love everybody who watches. This show knows how much i love. Fred warner big degree fan. I do think that he might be slightly hyped up. But i do believe that. He's a solid starter in the league. And you can do a lot worse than drinking law especially on a rookie contract. So yeah i mean but you've got probably the best linebacker do nfl history. Plus you know ahmad brooks and all the smith although he would be an end in our defense now as smith and and Mark brooks ain't no slot and so although they probably both the end so you can't get better than than P dobbin and bo. So yeah you gotta give it to the linebackers and twenty nine thousand nine hundred twenty twelve versus twenty nine thousand nine Secondary now. This is where i think that the twenty nine hundred nineteen can make a little bit of case. You know we are yet college. Rogers tremaine brook trout brown.

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