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And i was at that game at candlestick as monday night. Football nineteen eighty-four and odd. Ask about alex. Smith to because the artery was ruptured. What happened was his. Clete was down and ken norton was tackling and it wasn't ken norton's faulty but he twisted his need and go so eruption and artery which is not good pretty horrible mc l. he c l. and also the acl. all shredded. Caf muscle came off the bone. The hamstring came off the bone and he lost his nerves in his leg. I just remember i've never. I've been through some pretty lengthy injury like you know waiting for someone to get taken off the field. And i was in the second deck. I was with my friend. Steve nine season tickets. And i was on the other end way up at candlestick the second deck and i couldn't believe how long i was taken to get this guy off the field and everybody who was Going oh look at the replay. I there's no tv in front of me. I i never saw it. I was there but you couldn't really see it. And i was like oh so ended his career that in his career he never played a game and as i said he played a role in the relocation vegas because he set up a meeting between mark davis and various there as well. Let's go to napoleon mccallum great to have him back on the show. Once again in a polling. I was just talking about what i was at that monday night. Game wearing my raider starter jacket and the second deck at candlestick when you got hurt. Is there any comparison to what alex smith went through and the medical treatment. He received this year. Would it have helped you. Our is it kind of an apples and oranges thing I think it's kind of a an. I dislocated my niece so And i think didn't he he. He broke his leg right right. But the ruptured artery and everything else. Yeah ruptured ira. I severed the nerve. And i'm sure she it's. It's twenty years later so the technology is going to be a whole lot better. I mean i'm just you know blessed to be walking around with both of my legs. Yeah so I'm sure it's a lot better and You know there's going to be You know it's probably going to be an opera opportunity for him to play again. They're so good. No doubt now when you are at navy you were a two time all american. You set all sort of all time. Ncaa records and career all purpose yards one of the greatest players. Ever in the history of navy. And so you look back at your recruiting and syracuse tennessee. Some other teams wanted. But they all wanted you to play the. If i'm not right. Why did they not believe in you as a running back. Well in the in the city of cincinnati i was probably the Was the third leading rusher just in my in the greater cincinnati area so Those guys all went to notre dame michigan and and then i went to navy so I i think i got overlooked at the time. I wasn't as fast as a as a lot of people. I think i had a four eight forty coming out of high school But i was a real good defensive back and defending the pass so but didn't like that position when you a navy or a computer science major and we're about the same age i think about you know basic and pascal and and all that stuff they always say if you're a cs major by the time you graduate everything you learned is obsolete. Was that true for you. Yeah you know what. That's that's how i felt. I just thought that the programming was going in so many different directions. And i just did not feel that was a career that I would do that would be easy to do well in I was real good at it. You know i validated a little. I love my computer classes. And that's what time i as them But i just yeah. I just thought everything was just moving so fast and If you weren't everybody was coming up with program. So why do you need a program anything. So yeah you start up. Pro digital graphics came in handy no doubt yeah but you know what a lot of a lot of raider fans you know. Think that you know you the the decision to move. The team is mark's decision. It's no one else's but what what did he do in setting up was meetings with the mayor or sheldon adelson. What what went on with that sort of as you were kind of a conduit there. Well it all started in a A placid unlv I was doing responsible gaming class. And i talked to the professor Internet national gaming institute and asked him some questions. Because i knew that las vegas wanted football. We did well with the xfl Everybody was just saying you know for las vegas to be a real city. We need a professional football team here. And so I'd always talked to a lot of former football players. That lived in las vegas and ask them why and and basically Our why not. And basically i took all those and present those to the professor and he you know like hey you know what the nfl would do well to be here because of all the The gambling and the the bedding Mont monitoring so I took all that information. Did some research on my own. About where the second largest market next to new york with all deserters that come here and the las vegas and And i took that to mark. And i said hey you know i you know i. I'll have you meet with the professor here And we'll talk about you. Know having the raiders. Come out here. So that's how it all started and told mike company and They were all excited about it. Getting they wanted to get mr adelson involved and So the the las vegas sands got involved in it and you know they. They made it a team effort. Everybody got together and and you know we. We kind of squashed all the myths. Why you couldn't have a team in las vegas and And then i think the projections of the numbers and the support I mean it's easy to get from. La and utah arizona it. It's easy to get here so Yes it all happened when fell through with la I called mark probably about five days after it fell through and he said nap. Your ears must have been burning and that's when it all started okay fair enough. let's Talk about army navy game here. One more question for you and by the way the fans can't go to mike stadium at west point but you can still participate. Just go to social media. Hashtag army navy house once again. Hashtag army navy house. Take a picture in your army or navy gear and to lucky fans. One from each side will a free trip to new york at the game. Twenty twenty one. You played in the army navy game at the rose bowl which i was a senior in high school in that game was played and you guys destroyed army in that game. What are some of your favorite memories of the army navy game. Well i think we got some intel that they were going to try to just gang. Tackle me They were going to specifically kick the ball to me and then everybody was going to jump me and tackle me and so we ran a reverse. And i'm i'm handing it off To eric wallace with about half the half the army football team on me and we go. In for a touchdown i think we just broke their hearts right at the very beginning all right. That's napoleon mccallum. Napoleon enjoy the game and go navy. Go navy very is i'm activity. We'll take a quick break.

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