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Creation such a programme raises the possibility that this effort would be used to create an intelligence apparatus which reinforce trump's political policies and that we would have these mean while the deep state is a problem the state is going on within the cia if we have to create a gestapo to put the cia in line and oil what the hell is going on here i mean organizing something like this would mean to the president would have a private spy network that could easily uh set up rendition operations and i was looking at a document that was released in 2010 called those released by the department of fed's the interment resettlement operations and there's been independent reports about hohmann square and the black site these there in chicago uh they not only use american ages to detain or our american police to detain people in this place no lawyer no due process but now we're hearing rumors of united nations being brought in and of course this was prompted by the the murder rate in chicago last week well donald trump it proposed that perhaps we should use the national guard ring or chicago but last week the chicago tribune reported that cook county commissioner richard vojkan flew to new york to discuss what he described as a quiet genocide in chicago's black community with the un's assistant secretary general for peacebuilding support oscar fernandez tarango now what boy can is asking for is he's asking for the united nations to deploy their soldiers on us soil at this would sidestep hosokowa tatas will still feel like a police state it was reported two days ago with over fifty heavily armored united nations vehicles in various pieces of equipment sufficient up to support a small company a peacekeeper troops are sitting in a parking lot behind a us government own warehouse in maryland and appear to be ready for some type of rapid domestic deployment i have a guy who sent me a message on facebook saying that people in chicago have been well aware of transport and of sea transport of un vehicles in chicago so this has been in the making for some time according to uh some people who have been a posting on my facebook page of my twitter account roger clinton called the.

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